Is it summer yet? Weird things my students say


My Spider/Diabetes Problem

I have a spider problem in my classroom, they love to hang out in my cabinets and around the base boards of my room. One day I had a group of 2nd graders working near a “known spider area” and said, “boys and girls, let’s work somewhere else today because I found three spiders there yesterday.”

A second-grade boy said, “We better not get bit because we might get diabetes and no one wants diabetes, especially the spider type.”

giphy (15).gif

Le Sigh

This next one was probably only amusing to me. During one of my last classes of the day, which happens to be Kindergarten I sat down at the piano and starting singing a song when a very exasperated boy threw his body to the floor, put his hands in the air and yelled “WHY DO YOU ALWAYS SING MS. HAYDEN? EVERY DAY SINGING!! UGHHH” Then after the whole class just stared at him he said, “I am so tired.”

giphy (14)
Me too buddy me too.

Jacket problems or stealing my hair?

I have this bright green/lime jacket I wear all the times (because I’m ALWAYS cold) and a student looked at me up and down and then said: “I’m gonna make a jacket that looks like that but with my hair, you can add some of your own hair if you want.”


My legs are in a fight

Near the end of the year, I like to fill the days with fun active games so my students leave the school year with fun memories of music. One of those games is a relay singing game, at the end of the song the students have to race to the back of their team and roll the ball through their team’s legs (who are standing in a wide V). This alone leads to some interesting comments in first and second grade; “YOU NEED TO SPREAD YOUR LEGS” “IS THAT REALLY AS FAR AS YOU CAN SPREAD THEM? UGH”

I was showing the students how to stand and I said: “okay my legs are in a wide V like you’re about to do a jumping jack.”

A first-grade boy in the front row said (laughing) “haha your legs must be so mad at each other, you’re going to have to spread your legs forever Ms. Hayden.”

giphy (16).gif

A picture is worth a thousand words?

Last but my favorite so far, this isn’t a weird thing but one of the best pictures I’ve ever gotten from a student. I see one of my favorite kindergarten classes at the very end of the day for 40 minutes. Any other music teacher knows that kindergarten is not really ready to learn new material at the very end of the day. On top of it being the end of the day, it’s a harder class when it comes to being chatty and following directions. I truly love these kiddos so much, but sometimes (like last week) they push my patience.

I had this really fun parachute game planned, as well as a story and a rhythm lesson. The class was having a really hard time listening and wouldn’t stop talking, I even remember staring at the class while they were out of control thinking “well this isn’t going well.”

Anyways we had a rough day and we didn’t get to complete our lesson, I told their teacher at the end of class. The next day their writing activity was to write me apology letters for not listening.

This class deserves an award for the most creative drawing because I got multiple pictures of me playing the flute, purple cats, plenty of hearts and pictures of me singing.

My favorite one has to be this one below that depicted me very angry and a boy on his knees begging for forgiveness. When I saw him in the hall and told him that I loved his picture because it had so much detail, he got down on his knees to show me what he drew! It made my day.

By the way, I rarely get mad at my students and I’ve raised my voice probably 3 times since I started teaching so I LOVE this face he put on me.. and my hair is awesome.


But seriously, pray for me and hope that I can get through the rest of the year with them.

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Weird things my students say – before spring break edition.

So most of my teacher friends are on spring break right now, our spring break isn’t until the last week of March. If you’ve ever been in a school near a break, you can almost feel it in the students. They’re very worked up, tired and honestly don’t know what they want.

Yesterday I walked past the girls bathroom and saw a kindergarten boy just sitting on the floor having a chat with the girls while they used the bathroom. I said “dude.. this is the girls bathroom, where are you supposed to be?” He just stared at me like I haven’t been his music teacher ALL YEAR LONG and said, “what are you doing here?”

So here is my edition of “Weird things my students say when we should really be on spring break already and they might be going crazy.”



When you honestly don’t have any reply


I’m in the middle of giving directions and a 2nd grade raises his hand and says –

“I have a crush on everyone in this room, but mainly I have a crush on myself.”

giphy (10).gif


When you never have to worry about honesty

I’m literally in the middle of singing a song and I take a breath for the next verse and a first grader raises his hand and says.

“What’s wrong with your hair today? Did you brush it?”

giphy (11)

By the way, the answer is no.. I have curly hair and I don’t brush it when it’s dry. So sue me.


Can you fit in my suitcase?

A first grader looks at me and says “think you could fit in my suitcase?”

I just stare at him.

He says “I wanna bring you to Florida for Spring Break, you can stay with us.”

Hmm.. I don’t know what to say, but I think it’s gonna be a haaard pass from Ms. Hayden.

giphy (9).gif

Hand Chewing

I looked over at a first grader who almost had his entire hand in his mouth and said “alrighty, lets take our hand out of our mouth okay?”

He then looked at me and said “umm. I’m trying to suck off my wart.”

And then a few minutes later I heard “It’s almost gone!”



Mr. Hayden?

2nd grader – “Ms. Hayden, where does Mr. Hayden work?

Me – “There is no Mr. Hayden, I’m not married and if I got married my name wouldn’t be Hayden anymore.”

2nd Grader obviously very confused – “Mr. Hayden doesn’t want to marry you?”

Me – “There is no Mr. Hayden sweetie, it’s just me.. Ms. Hayden.”

2nd Grader – “Maybe you should have kids so you won’t be so lonely?”


giphy (12)

Think I’ll make it out alive before spring break starts?

Pray for me.



Weird things my students say – after winter break edition

It’s been a while!!


My fellow teachers can understand that anytime after you come back after a break, you almost forget how exhausting each day can be. I feel like I’m never actually caught up, I finish one thing just to realize that I have 5 more things that I didn’t actually finish either.

This edition of “weird things my students say” is probably one of my favorites because its SO WEIRD.

I hope you enjoy the bizarre things my students say to me.

First up…

I can taste the lettuce I ate last night for dinner




This next one is from one of my 7th grade students and it’s probably one of my most bizarre comments ever.

Do you have kids?


Oh so you’re barren?

Me: (VERY shocked) What? Where did you learn that word?

My aunt told me that she just wishes she was barren so my uncle would “leave her alone.”

Quotation marks included

200 (6).gif

I was singing first grade a song about a snail

1st grader: I was a snail one time

Me: For Halloween?

1st grader: NO.. Like LAAAST time I was here, you know before I was here as me.



I apparently scarred my next student

Over the summer I saw one of my 2nd graders at the grocery store, it’s January now so I thought he would have forgotten this but one morning we were going over our new notes and I asked “does anyone have any questions about our new note do?”

1st Grader: Ms. Hayden, remember that time I saw you at the grocery store? You were wearing shorts, it was SO weird.

And then he said (in a really quiet voice)… I didn’t like it.


The word you can’t un-hear

“Ms. Hayden my friend was telling me about his crazy dream last night.. he had a dream that he was a penis.. NO PEANUT PEANUT PEANUT PEANUT PEANUT PEANUT.”

And although he kept repeating the word peanut, I just couldn’t get the first thing he said out of my head.

200 (2).gif


My personal favorite of the month

Can you guess what grade?

I wish I lived at your house… I just like you so much

long pause

I wish you gave birth to me

200 (1).gif


Ahh I hope that brought a smile to your face! Have a great weekend 🙂

  • Sierra xoxo

Weird Things My Students Say – Winter Break Edition

Well we have made it to winter break and I had 5 performances last week! I also have been trying to get over being sick for about a month. We spent the month of December learning about the Nutcracker in my room and Mason and I went to the live performance last weekend!

Unfortunately we were sitting next to two very drunk people who decided it would be a good idea to go ahead and hum along to each piece.

Bad humming too.

So.. thats cool.

At this point in the year my students remind me of college students who haven’t slept in a week and might also be intoxicated. They loose the ability to know where they are or even who they are.

It’s basically an identity crisis.


Here are the BEST things I’ve heard this month – Enjoy!


The P.E. teacher and I combined classes in order to do a Nutcracker dance unit together and I asked “Why do people do dance?”

1st grader says “TO MAKE MONEY!!”



Kinder – “Ms. Hayden I have a dong too just like you.”

Me – “What are you talking about?”

Kinder  – “Ms. Hayden A DONG, A DONG, you know DONGS”

Me – “Let’s not say that word over and over.”

Later that afternoon I realized I moved my GONG and he must have meant gong.. hopefully.

200 (1).gif

How Old Are You?

Me: “The Nutcracker was written over 100 years ago.”

1st Grader: “Ms. Hayden when do we get to listen to music we know? Not music that was written when YOU were little.”

200w (1).gif


I looked over at two second grade boys who looked like they were about to kiss and said

“Oh boys.. what are you doing?”

Boys – “MMMMMM We’re slurping each others breath!!”


Your Melting Face

I was a bit out of breath and I bent down to zip up a coat and a student gave me a hug, another student behind her said

“I don’t want a hug I don’t want your face melting on me, today.”


Whats the Magic Word?

I should preface this with the fact that I have a stuffed cat in my room named “Gerald.” He is pretty famous around here and all the kids know him.

Kindergarten student asks me to help him color and I say “whats the magic word?”

Kindergarten – “Gerald.”

Me: “No the magic word when you ask someone to do something for you.”

Kindergarten – “Mom?”


Naked Crayons

1st Grader – “Ms. Hayden, can’t you get some crayons that aren’t naked?”

(Meaning they don’t have a wrapper)

Me: “You can use crayons with or without a wrapper.”

1st Grader – “I only like dancing naked.”

Different 1st grader – “OH SO DOES MY MOM!!”



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Happy Holidays!!

Weird Things My Students Say – Thanksgiving Edition

Guys.. it’s been over a week since I’ve written because I AM EXHAUSTED. This past month I had at least 5 students throw up in my room, almost threw up myself, and spent the month trying to make it through this tiring but exciting holiday season.

There is something about a break coming up that makes the kids extra excited, distracted, and just weird. I know that the kids need the break almost as much as the teachers.

I’m going to bake, watch tv, and sit under the heated blanket with the cats.

Hey they have good ideas!


The best (weird) things my students said leading up to the break

Good Ol’ Mind Talking

One of my kindergarten kids accidentally hit another boy in the head and I looked at him and asked him if he apologized, he replied very dramatically..




Dead Grandma

I just had sprayed some lysol on the counter, one of my students took one of those very deep satisfying breaths (you know like after a good rain or while on a hike) and said

“MMM smells like my dead grandma”

Then he smiled and skipped away


That time a turkey was sexy

We were “dressing up” turkeys on my board with different rhythms and this one turkey had glasses on and I hear from the back of the room…

“OhhHhHH a sexayyy turkayyyy”



The snot problem

Kindergartener has two tissues up her nose and I asked her why they were up there and she proudly said



Personal Problems

A first grader was holding his groin while sitting on the ground and when I asked him if he was okay he yelled




And then he looked completely betrayed at his foot and I had more information than I needed for the day.

200w (1).gif

And my personal favorite…

Does anyone know when choir starts?

While warming up my choir during our 8th rehearsal one little girl looks up at me and says “umm Ms. Hayden.. when does choir start?

I replied with.. “well it starts at 7:25”

Little girl replies with “no I mean when is choir going to start? Like when is our first meeting?”

At this point I’m pretty confused and say “umm.. this is our 8th choir practice, we’re literally in choir right now, like right this moment? We’re singing right now.”

She just said “ohhh hmm?” and shrugged her shoulders and said

“I didn’t know we’d be singing”


200 (1).gif



Fellow teachers, I’m wishing you a very stress free Thanksgiving week. I hope you have some time to sit around and do nothing, get some rest and don’t feel bad about it.

*Also someone please buy me some more lysol for my room*

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Weird Things my Students say – Halloween edition

So Halloween was on a Monday this year, and some of you might think “okay…so??”

Let me just enlighten you on how that works at an elementary school.

Crazy day on Monday, all the kids were allowed to wear their costumes and we spent the whole day (if felt like) talking about Halloween and then finished the day off with a nice sugary Halloween party. Fun right? Not so much.

OKAY now Tuesday – Kids come in my morning classes and you can tell they are a little tired but it’s not so bad. Fast forward to the afternoon and I have students dragging their feet into the music room whining “I’M SO TIRED,” “I HAD CANDY IN MY LUNCH,” “I HAVE CANDY IN MY POCKET,”and the best one, “hehe…I have 4 tootsie rolls in my shoe.” In my afternoon kindergarten class I had 7 children cry.. 7 guys and not one of them was hurt, one was tired and didn’t want to dance, the rest were just tired and maybe someone looked at them. Who knows.

Wednesday things get really bad.

This is where I start to get the really weird random comments. You know in college when you stayed up way too late and everything becomes really funny? This is what my Wednesday was like, except it wasn’t funny and I was attempting to teach a new concept. Probably my fault for trying to teach new things, who do I think I am? A teacher or something? Ugh.

This is just a little post of the weird things that have been said in my class the last week in a half, I hope you enjoy and I hope we can all (students included) get much needed rest this weekend.

When a Holiday Kindergarten practice turns religious

Me: Finishes singing a song about a snowman who melts

Student: Jesus died

Me: Umm okay we’re actually not talking about that, I’m talking about a snowman. Lets talk about Hanukkah next!

Student: Uhh.. he died on the cross

Me: Okay honey we’re not going to talk about that, lets practice our candle song!

Student: Don’t we have PE today?

Me: No… you have music, we’re literally in music doing music right now. Like this very second..

Student: Okay I’m going to the zoo next month.


“Ms. Hayden, your hair is on backwards today..”

200 2.gif

Learning a new word

Me: Can anyone tell me what the word gaze means?

Student: “Yes you know like two gays.. like one girl might like another girl or one boy might love another boy and then we call them ‘the gays'”

Me: Umm.. okay so what I’m looking for is more like gazing at the stars.. Thanks for that though

200 (1).gif

Learning a new rhythm

1st grade was learning a brand new rhythm and the new rhythm was in a song about a cat who eats a lot of butter. So on the board there were 16 sticks of butter and I asked “what do we see on the board?”

Student: “Trucks?”

Me: Umm no try again.. Remember the song we were just singing? About the cat? Hmmm?

Student: “A mountain?”

Me: No boys and girls, the cat eats butter.. there is butter on the screen.. what is the butter showing us, the beat or the rhythm?

2 Students then *burst into tears* and when I ask whats wrong one replies



Wearing my Halloween costume


Student: “Are you a lake?”

Me: “No I’m a raincloud.”

Student: “Are you sad?”

Me: “No I like the rain the most!”

Student: “Are you sad because you aren’t married?”

200 (2).gif

Disgusting things I thought I’d never say

I looked over at a kindergarten student and he was licking his entire hand, like between every single finger and everything.

Me: Lets not lick our hands, our hands have germs on them!

Student: (very excited) Oh I sneezed and I’m cleaning it off!!

Then the student sneezes again (a lot.. you know what I mean) and starts to lick the snot off of his hand.

200 (3).gif


I hope you had an easier week, luckily it’s the weekend now so we can all rest/drink 4 glasses of wine.

I’m off to take a shower because reliving this week made me feel exhausted and dirty.


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Weird Things My Students Say #1

I think most teachers can agree that the best part of being a teacher is the fact that you get to be around kids all the time! Kids are weird okay? Seriously.. Since I am a music teacher I have the opportunity to teach elementary, middle, and high school students. Let me just tell you, they all have their own interesting comments, looks, and just plain bizarre situations.

I find myself saying the strangest things throughout the day, for example:

“Please don’t lick the ground”

“Oh no we don’t touch people there”

“It would be nice if you didn’t eat all my erasers” (TRUE STORY PEOPLE)

Anyways, the best is the weird things they do and say. Here are 7 of my most favorite examples, with more to come throughout my career. Enjoy


  • “Ms. Hayden, I drew you four times with hearts under your head”


“Well goodness, I just look so beautiful.”


  • Those times when you get more than you bargained for:

       Me: Did you have a good weekend?

       Student: Yes, but my mom had a bad weekend. She is          mad because my dad left and slept at Amy’s House


giphy (2)

“Oh.. excuse me students while I remove myself from this situation.”

  • Student leaves picture of me on my desk

    Me: WOW my hands are big!

    Student: No.. those are babies (and then skip away)

    download_20160826_164654Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.54.09 AMAccurate


  • While explaining where the bathroom is:

    Student: Ms. Hayden looks like she has to fart when she’s thinking.

    BTW if you thought this got my class off topic; a puppy was on the playground right outside my room so at least 4 minutes of my instruction was interrupted by farts and puppies.


  • The marriage questions:

    Student: Ms. Hayden are you married?

       Me: No

       Student:  (very sympathetic voice) Oh.. so you just live        at home with all your cats?

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.10.19 AM.png

I actually don’t see a problem with this.

Student teaching gem:

  • While I was student teaching middle school band a child tells me “Ms. Hayden.. You look just like Chucky.”
  • At first I thought it was from the Rugrats show, but he quickly corrected me..“NO the killer red head doll, let make sure we never give Ms. Hayden a knife.”


SIDE NOTE- on my last day they brought me a goodbye cake and that same kid was like “NO NO knives for you.”


  • Never ask first graders what they think a song means

    I had just gotten done singing a song “bell horses” to a first grade class and asked “what is a bell horse?”

    Student replied with “one time my sister was wearing shoes with bells on them but our dog pooped on them and then she cried so hard she threw up and my mom was so mad she just left us outside and went inside to go to the “bathroom” (he did the hand quotations and everything)



I hope that made you smile! What weird things have your students or children said to you?


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