Favorite Friday Finds

Happy Friday/Saturday morning

I’ve been almost sick all week and yesterday I finally got actually sick. So I’ve been spending a lot of time cuddling with the cats and watching Doctor Who. This post is a couple of hours late, but I still wanted to share my finds of the week.

AnyWHOO here are my favorite find this week! Hope you enjoy!

First up are these amazing slip-on Converse, who else loves slip on shoes?!?


They are less than $35 at Nordstrom in these super cute mint color, with free shipping!

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 10.40.07 AM

Mint Converse 

Next up is this Lush Tunic, well-loved by many bloggers! I’ve been waiting for this to be on sale again so I could snatch one.

Comes in several colors and less than $30!

Lush Tunic (Free Shipping!)

I posted about this Amazon shirt last week but just got it in the mail! It’s very spring and it was only 12.99! I think someone with a fuller chest could fill out the top part a bit better lol.

Comes in several colors, some prime shipping.

Criss-cross top

Next up is my Vince Camuto Sandals, usually $120. I found them on Amazon for $45, but the price depends on the color and size! Good luck 🙂

They’re super comfortable and don’t have a high heel (I’m 5″7 and don’t like being taller than the rest of the world)

Vince Camuto Beauties

For my last find of the day, I want to talk about food for a minute! You might already know this but my boyfriend Mason has type 1 diabetes and so we eat a mainly ketogenic diet. We don’t eat sugar or many carbs, but we do eat natural sugars like stevia and swerve to not go crazy and still have treats sometimes.

I have found a few blogs I absolutely LOVE, one I definitely recommend following is Maria Mind Body Health. She has a done extensive research and has wonderful recipes, I’ve even emailed her questions and she’s gotten back to me the same day.

My other favorite blog is All Day I Dream About Food! Carolyn is a genius in the kitchen, I’ve never made anything I don’t love. This weekend I’m trying out her Low Carb Keto Brownie Cheesecake for two. I’m always nervous to make a full cake or cheesecake because I know I’ll eat it all (I don’t have kids that can eat all the treats in the house). So in order to make her recipe, we got these little mini cheesecake pans that are too cute.


Besides being adorable, I think they’ll be super practical for making desserts without feeling guilty for having leftovers we either don’t eat (or do eat). They come in a set of three (let’s be honest, I’ll probably make two cheesecakes) and are about $11 with tax.

Mini Cheesecake Pan

Pictures to come of cheesecake:)

I hope your weekend is full of rest and not being sick, I’m off to lay on the couch and play Zelda and nap all day!

Love to you all,


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My Favorite low carb weeknight dinners

Mason and I have been eating Keto/low carb for a few months now and I’ve seen wonderful improvements to both our health. I will admit I still have Ben & Jerry’s every once in a while, but who can blame a girl? Mason has type 1 diabetes and we’ve both struggled with finding a healthy lifestyle that allowed him to take less insulin.

Insulin is expensive guys.. seriously whats the deal with that? In addition to his decrease use of insulin, we have both lost weight without really doing much in the exercise department.

My favorite kind of cooking is cooking where I don’t actually do much.

Can’t I just think about a meal and it happens?

Throughout this process I have gathered my favorite low carb and keto dinners that are mainly slowcooker recipes. These meals are really great healthy meals for any family, you don’t need to be following a low carb lifestyle to enjoy these.

I would like to mention that low carb meals have a high percentage of fat, but don’t be scared of the fat percentage. If you want to read more about keto or the health benefits I would highly recommend Maria Emmerich’s blog, she has really wonderful information and a lot of excellent recipes!!

On to the meals!

Jalapeno Popper Soup

This Jalapeno Popper Soup, one of the best soups I’ve ever made. It’s not too spicy but you still get that wonderful jalapeno cream cheese goodness and the added sprinkles of bacon just make it perfect. I recommend doubling the recipe because it only makes 4 servings and I like to have leftovers for lunch.


Image: I Breath I’m Hungry

Low Carb Bang Bang Shrimp

Okay I have to admit, the first time I made this I didn’t know how to prepare shrimp. Guys.. did you know that shrimp have little legs and if you don’t cut those off when you take a bite you get little shrimp legs in your mouth?

Anywhoooo this isn’t the fastest meal but it is SO worth it if you like crispy fried shrimp and nice cold slaw.

Low Carb Bang Bang Shrimp


Image: I Breath I’m Hungry

Easiest Chicken Ever

This is one of the easiest chicken recipes I have ever made! This chicken recipe has actually inspired me to make other easy crockpot meals.

Crockpot Ranch Chicken


Image: Hugs and Cookies XoXo

Another favorite is to throw some chicken breast in the crockpot with a jar of salsa and then in the last hour of cooking add a block of cream cheese for some creamy salsa chicken.


Mason and I make a lot of ribs in the crockpot because they are so easy! Just throw the ribs in with a sauce of choice and leave them be. The main thing to remember is that most BBQ sauces have a lot of added sugar and so we either make our own rub or buy one from the store that has very low sugar. This rub is great because it doesn’t have any added sugar but it tastes great!

Rib Rub


Image: Maria Mind Body Health

Slowcooker Spaghetti Squash

I’ve never cooked with spaghetti squash before and I was amazed at how easy this recipe was! I couldn’t find the exact meatballs but I did find some sugar free ones at Albertsons so make sure to check the frozen section.

Slowcooker Spaghetti Squash

Slow-Cooker-Spaghetti-Squash-and-Meatballs-5 (1).jpg

Image: All Day I Dream About Food

Slow Cooker and Oranges

Another wonderful easy meal by I Breathe I’m Hungry. I did have a hard time finding mandarin oranges that didn’t have any sugar but was able to find some store brand ones that were sugar free.

Slow Cooker Mandarin Chicken


Image: I Breathe I’m Hungry


And finally, what is dinner without dessert? Here are two of my favorite fast low carb desserts, guaranteed to fulfill that sweet tooth without much guilt!

Brownie Heaven

Single serve brownie

Guys.. I don’t even really like chocolate


Image: All Day I Dream About Food

You should probably stop reading this blog and go make this brownie right now. I usually make it in the microwave for about a minute (because I don’t have any patience at the end of the day) and top with homemade whipped cream. DO THIS. Thank you Carolyn, I love you!

Frozen Peanut Butter Cups

Peanut Butter Cups


Image: Sugar Free Mom

These peanut butter cups are so yummy! I usually make a big batch and then Mason and I eat them throughout the week. I keep them in the fridge and they are the perfect temperature for a yummy cold treat!!


Obviously you can probably tell who my favorite food bloggers are! If you’re looking for more recipes I definitely recommend browsing through any of the above mentioned blogs as they are all wonderful! I’m always on the lookout for easy low carb recipes, do you have any you love!?

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Pumpkin Chai Spice Latte (fall fun)

Fall is officially here! In Colorado I’ve already seen snow up at Loveland Pass and Rocky Mountain State Park. I’m not quite ready for snowy weather yet, I’m still enjoying the leaves changing and the cooler weather drifting in! Last weekend Mason and I decided that it would be an excellent idea to finish a hike we attempted last spring but was too snowy to complete.

I love hiking but I usually am ready to be done once we’re at the top. This particular hike was tough because when we got to the top it was about 11,400 elevation and it was super windy and cold. Like usual, I freaked out and decided I would start the way down by running and screaming like a lunatic. I usually get some very annoyed looks from “native” Colorado people, but hey I got down so fast and probably got my heart rate up.


One of my favorite treats on the weekend used to be a fall/winter drink from Starbucks. Mason and I have been eating keto/paleo for the last couple of months and I’ve seen great improvements to both of our overall health! Unfortunately that is bad new bears for my pumpkin spice/peppermint mocha addiction. So after I spent about three weeks trying every at home pumpkin spice latte I could find and not having it fulfill my pumpkin desires, I came up with my own recipe!

Guys.. this is a big deal. One time I was making rice crispies treats at home and I got the rubber spatula melted into the marshmallows/crispies and ruined my pot as well as my spatula. So I’m going to assume that my marshmallow learning experience has really shaped me into a very mediocre chef who is constantly trying to make better recipes. Yay! Go me!!

This recipe uses Tazo pumpkin chai tea, but really use whatever tea you’d like or maybe you could replace it with coffee/espresso!! This is super simple, just add all the ingredients and blend up (make sure you put the top on the blender because it will spray hot liquid everywhere, seriously I know because I forgot it once). I also made some homemade sugar free whipped cream to go on top!

IMG_20160910_094232 (1).jpg

I hope you enjoy!


  • 2-3 Bags Tazo Pumpkin Spice Latte Tea (depending on how strong you want it)
  • 3 tbsp Pumpkin Puree
  • 1 tsp Pumpkin Pie Spice
  • 2 tbsp Swerve sweetener (or your choice of stevia, erythritol, etc.)
  • 2 tbsp Heavy Cream (or 1/4 almond milk)
  • 1 tbsp Unflavored Whey Protein Powder (optional- I think it makes it more creamy)
  • 1 tbsp Butter (1 tsp coconut oil for dairy free)

Brew tea bags for 5 minutes, add all ingredients to blender and blend until smooth! Top with cinnamon and whipped cream!

So yummy! I hope this helps out your pumpkin addiction without feeling guilty!


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How To Make Mornings Suck Less (maybe)

If you’re anything like me you might have a very strong dislike of mornings. I don’t want to talk to anyone, have anyone look at me, or have to make any decisions for at least two hours after waking up. The only exception to this rule is that I’ll allow my cats to sit near me, as long as they are SILENTLY judging me.. once they start trying to talk and interact I’m done.

My mom used to always tell me that as I got older “I would become more of a morning person.” So my whole life I’ve been telling myself “okay.. as I get older and get a job this will be easier bla bla bla.” I really believed this until one day I walked into the teachers lounge and said hi to a fellow teach who is about to retire. She was telling me how she accidentally slept in until 7 and had about 15 minutes to get ready and be at school at 7:30.

I could tell from her face that she was still in the morning wake up zone. I started to tell her what everyone says about mornings becoming easier as you get older and she basically said “for some people, not me.. I’m a wake up around 9 am person and I’ve always been that way.”

This is when I knew that this is how I would be for the rest of my life. I’ve never been one of those people who could just wake up and get sh*t done. My first year in Colorado, I was always so cold in the mornings I would sit under an electric blanket for about 45 minutes drinking my coffee until I was ready to face to day.

Since I have accepted that I shall never be a glorious morning person, I decided to find ways to make my mornings easier, I have shared those ways with you below:)

Mornings are still the worst part of my day… but I’m really trying here people so go along with this.

Have a nice, clean, and inviting space to eat breakfast and have something planned to eat that you can look forward to!

This is my eating space in my tiny apartment, I’ve done the best I could with the space and although Petrie thinks it’s his bed, I look forward to sitting here in the mornings with some music playing while I eat breakfast.

Speaking of breakfast, I don’t have amazing low carb crepes every morning but I do have coffee ready to go and a breakfast of eggs and bacon that I enjoy every morning! By the way, if you haven’t made Carolyn’s Low Carb Lemon Raspberry Crepes… GO AND DO THAT RIGHT NOW. For my fellow Paleo/keto eaters, this recipe is a must for Sunday Mornings. Thank you Carolyn, I love you.. please be my friend.


Here I am eating bacon on the couch.. I can’t even follow my own rules.

Have a fancy mug for your morning coffee so you can sit and feel like you have your sh*t together


My Low Carb Pumpkin Chai Latte (blog post coming soon on that)

Make sure you have a real mug for your coffee, or just use the coffee pot depending on your quality of sleep the night before.


Lets get real, I drink a lot of coffee in the mornings and my fancy mug doesn’t really cut it so feel free to drink straight from a bowl, coffee pot, or biggest mug you can find. I believe in you.

Find a calming stretching or yoga routine to do in the morning.

Hopefully your animals will actually let you finish your yoga sequence. I have yet do yoga without having some hair pulled out, but if I’m honest the hair putting from Petire does wake me up a bit.


I do (try) this 5 minute Wake Up With Yoga from Fitwirr and I think that it does help me feel more awake, calm, and ready to face the day OR do my hated “decide what to wear today.”

Set your clothes out the night before.


On the mornings when I don’t pick out my clothes I walk into my closet and it looks like the “before” picture after 25 minutes of me putting everything I own on. From there I’m 20 minutes late and don’t have time to clean up my clothes mess. It’s a real issue for me, usually I don’t even like the outfit if I pick it out in the morning. Things really do go much smoother when I pick out my outfit the night before and lay it on a chair all ready to go. Also for somer reason waking up to a put together outfit always makes me feel like I’m more organized than I am.

Think about the good things that you will do today.

If you’re feeling like these two lazy bums above, mentally prepare yourself for the tasks you have to do today. Remind yourself of something that you will do today that you enjoy, even if its coming home later and watching Bachelor in Paradise (seriously did anyone watch that? I can’t believe Nick is going to be the new Bachelor).

I’m a teacher and honestly sometimes it’s hard for me to always feel “on” for the day so I have to remind myself of at least one exciting thing I get to share with my students for the day. When I get home I usually take a nice long walk, practice my flute, or go to the pottery lab and practice. So I always try and remind myself of all the beautiful things I get to do that day. So tomorrow morning try and make a point to think of one positive thing you have going on that day (for example; right now I have ribs cooking in the crockpot.. RIBS MY FRIENDS).

Say goodbye to your loved ones for the day.


When I leave for the morning I always say bye to Petrie and Littlefoot and remind them that I’ll be home later and to please don’t pee on anything or eat any plastic today.



Well folks that is my morning routine and I’m always looking for new ways to make morning easier for myself. What does your morning routine look like? Or maybe you’re one of those crazy people who loves mornings and what you should really  be doing is thanking the universe for that gift.

Calming morning yoga..