Favorite Friday Finds – Amazon Prime Edition

Happy Friday Everyone!

I almost didn’t make it this far, I got strep throat and have been on a continuous cycle of getting a little bit better and then becoming really sick at the end of each day.

I’m not sure how much my students like me right now either, it’s so hard to teach when you’re sick. Today I almost had to laugh at myself because I yelled (which I never do) at a first-grade class “THIS IS SUPPOSED TO BE FUN, DOESN’T ANYONE WANT TO HAVE FUN ANYMORE?”

Ahh my poor students.

At least I get to come home to this every day….


Okay Sierra, stop focusing on your cats. This is my weekly edition of Favorite Friday Finds! I’m not sure how many of you ever shop for clothes on Amazon, but if you don’t now is the time to start! A lot of time when I get compliments on clothing and reply with “Thanks!! It was 6 dollars on Amazon!”

I get some weird looks!

I swear half my closet is from Amazon, you can get name brand items for much cheaper and can find pretty much anything you want. I always make sure to look through reviews and trust your gut, if it looks sketchy then it probably is. I’ve found a few neat Amazon finds this week and I’ll post pictures of me wearing them as I receive the items but without further ado, here are my favorite Amazon deals of the week for Friday Favorite Finds!


Renee C Cardigan

Screen Shot 2017-04-28 at 5.12.01 PM.png

Renee C is a trusted high-quality brand, these cardigans are sent out in many Stitch Fix boxes and usually cost around $78 but they’re only $19.99 with prime shipping (have I mentioned my LOVE for prime? I love you prime shipping). This cardigan is Bamboo so you know it’s going to be soft and it comes in several colors with excellent reviews!

Renee C Cardigan

This next one I debated for a while because it doesn’t have any reviews (I suppose once I get it I’ll start the amazon review chain). What I love about this dress is FIRST it has pockets, k sold, thanks a bunch, get in my closet. Also, it’s very pretty, comes in lots of colors and I’m planning on throwing a jean jacket on top and wearing it to teach in during the last month of school.


This next Paper + Tee top comes very highly reviewed and is only $14.99!! I love the lace detail, I’ve had the blush color in my wishlist for several months! This top also comes in several pretty colors, I’m also crushing on the blue!

Paper + Tee Top

I am always looking for options to wear under cardigans or jackets that aren’t plain camisoles and this beautiful lace top fit the bill! It has excellent reviews and at $16.99 you can’t really beat the price! I’m still trying to decide what color to get, I’m stuck between the pink or the white one! The reviews suggest sizing down!

Lace Tank Top

Last clothing item is this cute baseball tee that comes in a zillion cute spring prints! I actually just wore mine the other day (I have a grey top with floral sleeves, picture to come).

Zillion Color Options Top

Alrighty, folks, that’s all I have for this Friday, I can’t wait to show you real “life” photos of my finds! Also, it just started snowing here and I just want the record to show that I really don’t appreciate the tease of warm weather with a nice fat snow storm at the end of April!

I guess I HAVE to go make hot chocolate.


Happy weekend everyone! If anyone wants to buy me a new electric blanket (HINT HINT MASON) please do so, as all three of mine stopped working because I used them too much.

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-Sierra xoxo

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Favorite Friday Finds

I’ve decided that my blog needs a little bit of direction and I wanted to start something that I could publish weekly.

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Those that know me know that I am a huge bargain hunter, seriously I’ll be checking out and looking at my phone to see if I can find my item somewhere cheaper online! It’s bad.. but hey I’m a teacher and it saves me money which helps me raise my cats!


They’re needy and have a lot of toys

So anyways I thought every Friday I would share my favorite steals, deals, and sales of the week! I’m usually looking for clothes, but I also love finding home decor and cookbooks are a weakness of mine (love a good cookbook with pictures)

So here are my favorite finds of the week!

Hope you enjoy

Screen Shot 2017-04-14 at 9.47.30 AM

Super cute floral top!

Some colors are Amazon Prime for only 13.99!

My FAVORITE Lucky Brand Sandals, some sizes on sale for as low as $55!

Lucky Brand cuties


This perfect spring duster cardigan for under $20, very soft too!

Blush Cardigan


The most colorful Kimono for 12.99 (this comes in tons of different prints)

Colorful Kimono

And finally my favorite book right now!

This little book of mindfulness has helped me through some challenging times. Sometimes I feel anxious or nervous and I don’t know why. This drives me crazy, if I’m nervous about something, I should at least know what I’m supposed to be feeling nervous about.

This book has several exercises that are helpful for any situation, I love it so much and it’s small enough to keep in my purse!


I hope you found some goodies today

I also hope you are able to find something this weekend that makes you as happy as my cat is while he scratches his face!




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Crying at Toyota & We Have a Monster

Today was my first day back at work, luckily we had a work day today (so no students)!

UNLUCKY – it snowed about a billion feet of snow.

Yesterday on the way to my pottery class I was like “ohhh so pretty snow, I’m going to wear my cute boots yeeeeah.”


Proof of boots – photo taken before it had even started snowing for the day.

Anyways that’s all lovely right?

Last night when I started my always super reliable Toyota RAV4, it didn’t start right away and it took me at least 3 tries for it to start. I texted Mason to let him know and then went on my way.

This morning when I got done scraping all the snow in Colorado off my car, once again my car wouldn’t start! I was trying to get to work and I was already stressed about driving in the snow.

So obviously I started crying and thought “I NEED A NEW CAR NOW.”

I drag myself out of the car and obviously fall in the snow right outside, then I cried some more because I got snow in my boots and somehow this is all Mason’s fault.


200 2.gif

Anyways Mason is the most calm rational person I know, and when I tell him we need to go buy a new car right now he says “lets just get you to work and I’ll take care of the car.”

Nice right? I know!!

On the way to work I call Toyota crying (who knows whats wrong with me) and say “MY CAR WON’T START AND I JUST BROUGHT IT TO YOU AND EVERYTHING WAS FINE.”

The poor girl on the phone is like “okay well if it’s clicking then it’s just the battery and we can replace it whenever you can bring it in.”

Then I think “Oh.. that’s really reasonable, well okay then… thanks.. see you soon, have a great day.”

And then decide that I’m losing my mind (for the 8th time that morning).

Side Note: I just needed a new battery (intense huh?)

Normally I really do enjoy the snow, here is proof from our New Years Day hike


In other news the New Year has been great, but I’ve decided that my cat Petrie is a monster that does whatever he wants and gets worse every day.


Petrie has decided that he only drinks water from the sink now..

IMG_20170104_141445 2.jpg

Petrie’s new midday nap place

I’m not really sure that this post had any point, hopefully it brought some entertainment to your day!

Happy New Year!

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Why I Don’t Make New Years Resolutions

Goodbye 2016


In the past I have made many New Years Resolutions and swore to follow through and stick to my resolution all year-long!

200 2.gif

Several years ago I decided to lose some weight and thought I would go on a juice cleanse, which I suppose we can call successful. I ended up getting sick from it and throwing up for about 2 days straight, I did lose some weight though!

There was also the year that I decided I would try to be more healthy, so I googled everything under the sun that could potentially be wrong with me and how I could help all these “problems.”

I spent a month thinking I was dying and once again didn’t become any more healthy than I already was.

This year I have decided instead of making a bunch of resolutions I definitely won’t keep, I’m just going to try to be happier; whatever that might mean in the moment.

cat-new-year 2.jpg


I’ve wanted to take pottery classes forever, and this past year I signed up and it was amazing! We got to do Raku (basically play with fire), and my class ended up being something I looked forward to every week.IMG_20161029_142007.jpg

This past year I decided I was going to try to say yes more, and also say no more. I have always been the person to say yes to everything, even if it was something I didn’t have time or want to do.

What I learned is that when we always say yes to others requests; we start to say no to ourselves.

At one point I was working 15 hour days every day of the week, doing countless other projects and basically working myself to unhappiness.

I now truly think before I say yes and make myself more busy than I can handle. I don’t think there is much glory in being busy.

I found two books I absolutely LOVE this year, and I wanted to share them with you. Both these books are teaching me to enjoy each day more, and stress less.

Start Where You Are

I highly recommend this little journal by Meera Lee Patel, if you are looking for something light and beautifully written. Each page has a pretty quote about self growth and an activity on the other side. The point of this journal is for your to realize your goals and understand that it’s never to late to reach them. It’s also okay to be where you are right now and furthermore, enjoy the now.

Link for Journal, Under 10 dollars! – Start Where You Are

10 Minutes A Day To Less Stress


Another favorite book I’ve discovered this year, is this Gem by Patrizia Collard. Each page is filled with very easy activities you can do to enjoy the present moment.

Many times throughout the day I find myself worrying about something in the future, or feeling guilty or sad about something in the past. This is a waste of energy and it takes away from the present. This little book teaches you how to be more present now and less in the past and future. If you can master these techniques, you’ll be able to enjoy life more!

I will admit I’m still working on those, I tend to worry a lot. The worrying and anxiety it brings can make me sick sometimes but these activities have helped so far!

Link for Book, Under 7 dollars! The Little Book Of Mindfulness

I wish all of you a Happy New Year, I hope this year brings you all happiness, joy, friendship, and maybe the discovery of a hidden talent or hobby!

Happy New Year 2017 Memes 2.jpg

If we’re being honest here, I just wish for all of us to be as happy as my cats Littlefoot and Petrie.


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Dear Mom, Wherever you are

So I haven’t written in a while, this time of the year is especially hard. My mom passed away in a car accident two years ago and I also feel like I’ve been fighting off being sick. Every day, I get a little sick – get better and do this over and over again. That is until I finally got sick on the 1st which just happens to be the anniversary of her death.

I wanted to write a post on my earliest memory but I couldn’t write about it without thinking of my mom.

I remember getting that phone call that she had passed away in a car accident on a Tuesday while Mason and I were eating dinner. Everything that happened immediately after that day is a bit of a blur but I do remember feeling an immense level of grief combined with relief.


I know how could I think that?

You see; this was also accompanied by a great share of guilt for feeling this way, but my mom was extremely mentally unstable. I spent a fair share of time growing up trying to take care of my mother through her episodes of depression, bipolar, anxiety, and a lot of social situations that I didn’t really understand at the time.


Now don’t get me wrong, my mom was my best friend in the world and I loved her deeply and more than anyone. But I also really struggled to grow up and take care of myself while still always having that fear in my head that I would get another call from her saying she took an entire bottle of pills. (Which happened several times while I was growing up)

I wrote a letter to her and I’m sending it out to all of you in hopes that it might resonate with someone else and who knows maybe Mom will see this wherever she may be.

Dear Mom,

I miss you dearly and I think of you every day. I was shopping the other day and I almost asked Mason “what should I get my mom this year for Christmas?” These thoughts usually come with short but deep level of grief and sometimes they end with a smile because I remember something wonderful.

Remember that time we got lost driving in West Texas and you said “it smells like cow shit!” And then proceeded to stuff half a hard peppermint up your nose to try and hide the smell? Then we had to pull over to try and get the peppermint unstuck from your nose, all while laughing. I was probably 14 at this time and I remember thinking “do other moms stick peppermints up their nose?”

Pretty sure I knew the answer

Thank you mom for loving me deeply and supporting me. Thank you for always having colored pencils and paper on the couch so I could practice my drawing. Thank you for supporting my flute playing; watching and supporting as I got my masters in flute performance.

Thank you for finding amazing hidden outdoor spaces to take me to play in when we lived in Dallas, because we didn’t really have money to do other fun things. Thank you for teaching me to be strong and how to take care of myself.

Thank you for giving me years of laughter.


I hope that wherever you are now, you feel no pain or stress. I hope you have no worries and that you are immensely happy. I hope you’re able to be with me for the big moments in life. Please never worry about me; I’ve been extremely blessed to have made a family and have people who love and support me.

Also… if you happen to see my old cat Sneakers, tell him I miss him. But don’t tell the hamster I say hi, he was such a jerk.


Love you mom,


Mental health can be a taboo subject, but I urge you to get help if you don’t feel able to cope with every day activities. I also urge you to get help and support if you are a loved one of someone who has a mental disability, sometimes we don’t realize the toll it takes when you love someone who cannot take care of themselves.

Thank you so much for reading, I promise happier posts to come this month! Follow my Facebook for updates!

Stitch Fix Review – Sweaters and Leggings

Hi guys!

Every leaf on the beautiful trees outside my apartment has fallen and for once I’m actually embracing the cooler air. It’s very grey outside this week but I still had fun taking pictures in the cooler grey weather.

I keep thinking about the cold weeks where Mason makes a fire every night, heavy snow falls, and I get to enjoy some time under the electric blanket. Even the cats enjoy the falling snow! (ISH)


My vet thinks Littlefoot is part Norwegian Forest Cat and I will say she gets pretty puffy in the winter but only likes to spend a couple of minutes outside before coming in and sitting on the heated blanket for the rest of the day!

Anywhooo I’m off topic again!

A little background on this fix,

I just had surgery last month and I basically have a c section type incision on my lower abdomen which makes wearing normal pants hard right now. So I have been trying to find clothing that I can wear leggings with but that also doesn’t show every thing no one needs to see.

I’ve always envied shorter girls who could buy a sweater a size up and wear leggings with the bigger sweater. I’m 5″7 so that doesn’t always work for me and probably isn’t work appropriate. I asked my stylist for fall sweaters, maybe things I could wear with leggings and I also really wanted to try out some faux leather leggings! My stylist Heather is awesome and she sent me a great box, I’m having a really hard time deciding what to keep!!


Glamorous Jelston Cable Knit Pullover


Can we just talk a moment about how this is the perfect color ever? It’s actually one of my favorite colors. I just love how it looks like the color of the changing leaves! The only problem with this is that I think its a bit too big for me to really pull off, the size is xs and still leaves a ton of room to work with.

I absolutely LOVE this color, but I’m wondering if the oversize shape will make me not reach for it. I do need to look a bit put together when I’m working and I’m not sure if huge sweater qualifies as put together. By the way.. do you see those amazing leggings? They’re up soon!!


Evolution by Cyrus Ladera Open Cardigan



Who doesn’t need more cardigans? I love this color and it is really soft, it’s very long too. When I first put this on I was wearing shorts and I told Mason “hmm am I wearing pants? No one knows mwahaha!”

I’m not sure if the length would work on someone shorter than I am but I really do like the material and where it hits on my body. DO I need another cardigan? I don’t have one this color but I’m still very undecided.

What should I do with my “who knows if I’m wearing pants” cardigan?!

Brixon Ivy Petey Beaded Cable Front Pullover


Holy Holiday Sweater!

This sweater is beautiful!!! Can you say holiday parties? Actually.. have I ever been to a holiday party..? I’m not sure, someone please invite me to a holiday party so I can wear this sweater.

The Brixon Ivy is beaded all down the front of the shirt, it’s very flattering, and I think I could wear it all winter season. Shirts like this make me a little nervous because what happens if one of the little beads comes off? Do I need to wash this by itself? Is this dry cleaning only? SO MANY QUESTIONS??! Like usual I’m still deciding on this one, it’s beautiful and if you’re looking for a perfect holiday sweater you should definitely pin this one!

S&D Flo Textured Printed Legging


Okay lets talk about these.. You might have noticed me wearing this with my big sweater and the cowl neck sweater (up next). They’re very comfortable, here is a close up so you can see the material is more textured than leather.

I’ve been looking for some leggings like this for a while, and I’ve tried faux leather leggings before but they were always super shiny and rubbed together when I crossed my legs or walked. You know.. not something I can wear all day while teaching 6 year olds. I love that these are more interesting than leather leggings, they have different swirling designs and look great under long tunics with boots! I love them so much!

RD Style Woods Cowl Neck Pullover


This is probably my favorite item in my box this month! Who doesn’t love a good cowl neck? This one is long enough to cover my butt, it’s light but I think it will keep me warm during the coming months. Thank you Stitch Fix for finding a cowl neck sweater that I can wear with leggings!! Definitely keeping this one.

So there we go!

5 great pieces that are having me make hard decisions! I’m already 100% set on the cowl neck but what else if anything should I keep? HELP!!

And just for fun, here is a very flattering photo of myself trying to set my camera up. I guess this is my concentration face?


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Sierra xoxo

Stitch Fix Review Pumpkin Spice

I’m so excited for this fix!! I asked my stylist for cozy knit tops and possibly a comfy cardigan that I could wear while recovering from a surgery I’m having to have next week. My stylist did a wonderful job! She even sent me an outfit that was only missing a pumpkin spice latte and maybe 10 degree cooler weather! Even my cats were slightly impressed by my outfits this time (you will notice that at the bottom).

I would also like to point out that I let my cats Petrie and Littlefoot out on the balcony while I was taking pictures and they only got into trouble twice!! Littlefoot got completely wrapped up in a spider web, WITH A FREAKING SPIDER. Thanks Littlefoot. And Petrie only ate 4 leaves (which he threw up later). It’s the little things in life.

Let me know what you think! I’m so excited for this fix!

Skies are Blue Arturo Tab-Sleeve Blouse



Such a beautiful fall color and it was really soft too!! This is going back because I already have so much plaid in my closet, AND I roll around on the ground all day with little children and this isn’t the type of top that does very well with spills/sweat.. if you know what I mean.


Market & Spruce Mae Zipper Detail Poncho



This might be the most fall/winter piece of clothing I’ve ever gotten. I was almost disappointed that there wasn’t snow on the ground so that I could take winter pictures in this poncho. This is also going back because although it is beautiful, its not super practical for my daily life! I definitely recommend pinning it though because it is very well made and beautiful!


Brixon Ivy Lawley Cable Knit Open Cardigan



GUYS!! PIN THIS RIGHT NOW. It is the most comfy cardigan and it is SUPER flattering and cute. My stylist definitely delivered on this one and I think I’ll be wearing it for months to come around the house, teaching, and recovering from surgery (while hanging out with the kitties!!)




Is this not the most Pumpkin Spice Outfit you’ve ever seen? You know it is. All I need is a PSL and maybe some pizza (because who doesn’t want pizza). Anyways I’m undecided on these leggings because I just have such a hard time finding thick leggings that don’t show my butt through (you know what I mean). They fit perfectly and are super comfy!!


Laila Jayde Lenehan V Neck Knit Top



This is another wonderful knit sweater that would be a great staple in your closet! I did feel like it was kind of long for my body but it is extremely soft. Those who know me well know that I am a sucker for soft tops. It’s like I just need to have it on my body right now and for the rest of forever. This is definitely another top that you should have on your fall Pinterest board!


And as always, I try to get a great mother/cat picture with Petrie (littlefoot won’t let me hold her and she was asleep under the couch). I hope you enjoy!! And please let me know what you think of this fix!!


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Love you guys, Sierra