Is it summer yet? Weird things my students say


My Spider/Diabetes Problem

I have a spider problem in my classroom, they love to hang out in my cabinets and around the base boards of my room. One day I had a group of 2nd graders working near a “known spider area” and said, “boys and girls, let’s work somewhere else today because I found three spiders there yesterday.”

A second-grade boy said, “We better not get bit because we might get diabetes and no one wants diabetes, especially the spider type.”

giphy (15).gif

Le Sigh

This next one was probably only amusing to me. During one of my last classes of the day, which happens to be Kindergarten I sat down at the piano and starting singing a song when a very exasperated boy threw his body to the floor, put his hands in the air and yelled “WHY DO YOU ALWAYS SING MS. HAYDEN? EVERY DAY SINGING!! UGHHH” Then after the whole class just stared at him he said, “I am so tired.”

giphy (14)
Me too buddy me too.

Jacket problems or stealing my hair?

I have this bright green/lime jacket I wear all the times (because I’m ALWAYS cold) and a student looked at me up and down and then said: “I’m gonna make a jacket that looks like that but with my hair, you can add some of your own hair if you want.”


My legs are in a fight

Near the end of the year, I like to fill the days with fun active games so my students leave the school year with fun memories of music. One of those games is a relay singing game, at the end of the song the students have to race to the back of their team and roll the ball through their team’s legs (who are standing in a wide V). This alone leads to some interesting comments in first and second grade; “YOU NEED TO SPREAD YOUR LEGS” “IS THAT REALLY AS FAR AS YOU CAN SPREAD THEM? UGH”

I was showing the students how to stand and I said: “okay my legs are in a wide V like you’re about to do a jumping jack.”

A first-grade boy in the front row said (laughing) “haha your legs must be so mad at each other, you’re going to have to spread your legs forever Ms. Hayden.”

giphy (16).gif

A picture is worth a thousand words?

Last but my favorite so far, this isn’t a weird thing but one of the best pictures I’ve ever gotten from a student. I see one of my favorite kindergarten classes at the very end of the day for 40 minutes. Any other music teacher knows that kindergarten is not really ready to learn new material at the very end of the day. On top of it being the end of the day, it’s a harder class when it comes to being chatty and following directions. I truly love these kiddos so much, but sometimes (like last week) they push my patience.

I had this really fun parachute game planned, as well as a story and a rhythm lesson. The class was having a really hard time listening and wouldn’t stop talking, I even remember staring at the class while they were out of control thinking “well this isn’t going well.”

Anyways we had a rough day and we didn’t get to complete our lesson, I told their teacher at the end of class. The next day their writing activity was to write me apology letters for not listening.

This class deserves an award for the most creative drawing because I got multiple pictures of me playing the flute, purple cats, plenty of hearts and pictures of me singing.

My favorite one has to be this one below that depicted me very angry and a boy on his knees begging for forgiveness. When I saw him in the hall and told him that I loved his picture because it had so much detail, he got down on his knees to show me what he drew! It made my day.

By the way, I rarely get mad at my students and I’ve raised my voice probably 3 times since I started teaching so I LOVE this face he put on me.. and my hair is awesome.


But seriously, pray for me and hope that I can get through the rest of the year with them.

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Sierra vs. Squirrels

Every once in a while I start to get the feeling that my cats are planning something ridiculous. A big escape, maybe a plan to open up all the wet food and feast all day, or a plan to suffocate me in my sleep.

You know what I mean

Usually, they get tired, fall asleep and forget what they had planned. They have yet to actually go through with a plan.


Way too tired to go through with plan

Now, I’m convinced that the squirrels outside my apartment are plotting against me, seriously I have the worst luck with animals in this apartment complex.

When we first moved in I called Mason to tell him that a woodpecker (I named Phill) was trying to enter our bedroom. For some reason, Mason didn’t believe me until Phill had drilled a HOLE into our bedroom wall. It was so rude of Phill but he was very persistent, especially at 4 AM.


Picture of the hole (notice the sunshine shining right through the apartment?)

So Phill has moved on (bless him) but now the neighborhood squirrels are upset with me. See I’m convinced that the squirrels are mad that I took away their supply of tomatoes.

Every spring/summer I decide that I’m definitely a farmer and I can grow anything, and tomatoes are usually on the list.

What I didn’t account for when growing my tomato’s (and strawberries) was that the squirrels will come and do what I like to call a “taste test.”

They hop onto my patio pull off a tomato, taste it, and then say “oh.. I actually HATE tomatoes.” Then they drop the tomato and hop away. Only to come back 10 minutes later and repeat the process, always saying to themselves “oh yeah I don’t like tomatoes.”

So I’ve made a cage out of chicken wire to guard my precious fruits and since I did that the squirrels have gone crazy trying to get through the cage.

They have found out exactly where my head is when I sleep and they have started to dig holes INTO my roof. Seriously, they’re trying to come into my bedroom (it’s bringing back a lot of Phill memories).

Last night they woke us up and Mason and I moved to the spare bedroom, but that bed hurts my face (it’s really hard..) so I ended up on the couch.

Now it’s me against the squirrels. Yesterday I noticed that they bring nuts and crack them on the side of our apartment wall.

We have to sleep with ear plugs now, but I hate sleeping with ear plugs because they make my ears soggy.

(You definitely know what I mean)

So anywho this is what we’re dealing with this Easter week.

Just thought I’d share.

Please, someone, help me figure out how to make the squirrels happy..
Also, send me more earplugs.

Petrie ate mine.

– Happy Easter everyone, may yours be squirrel-less and peaceful.

P.S. The cats HATE the squirrels the most



Weird things my students say – before spring break edition.

So most of my teacher friends are on spring break right now, our spring break isn’t until the last week of March. If you’ve ever been in a school near a break, you can almost feel it in the students. They’re very worked up, tired and honestly don’t know what they want.

Yesterday I walked past the girls bathroom and saw a kindergarten boy just sitting on the floor having a chat with the girls while they used the bathroom. I said “dude.. this is the girls bathroom, where are you supposed to be?” He just stared at me like I haven’t been his music teacher ALL YEAR LONG and said, “what are you doing here?”

So here is my edition of “Weird things my students say when we should really be on spring break already and they might be going crazy.”



When you honestly don’t have any reply


I’m in the middle of giving directions and a 2nd grade raises his hand and says –

“I have a crush on everyone in this room, but mainly I have a crush on myself.”

giphy (10).gif


When you never have to worry about honesty

I’m literally in the middle of singing a song and I take a breath for the next verse and a first grader raises his hand and says.

“What’s wrong with your hair today? Did you brush it?”

giphy (11)

By the way, the answer is no.. I have curly hair and I don’t brush it when it’s dry. So sue me.


Can you fit in my suitcase?

A first grader looks at me and says “think you could fit in my suitcase?”

I just stare at him.

He says “I wanna bring you to Florida for Spring Break, you can stay with us.”

Hmm.. I don’t know what to say, but I think it’s gonna be a haaard pass from Ms. Hayden.

giphy (9).gif

Hand Chewing

I looked over at a first grader who almost had his entire hand in his mouth and said “alrighty, lets take our hand out of our mouth okay?”

He then looked at me and said “umm. I’m trying to suck off my wart.”

And then a few minutes later I heard “It’s almost gone!”



Mr. Hayden?

2nd grader – “Ms. Hayden, where does Mr. Hayden work?

Me – “There is no Mr. Hayden, I’m not married and if I got married my name wouldn’t be Hayden anymore.”

2nd Grader obviously very confused – “Mr. Hayden doesn’t want to marry you?”

Me – “There is no Mr. Hayden sweetie, it’s just me.. Ms. Hayden.”

2nd Grader – “Maybe you should have kids so you won’t be so lonely?”


giphy (12)

Think I’ll make it out alive before spring break starts?

Pray for me.



How NOT to swear while teaching

Sometime’s when I’m teaching or working at school I have the strong urge to use a curse word (who knows why).

Actually I just almost felt like cussing right now because as I’m typing this Petrie came and sat down on my laptop.


This is where he has decided he will sit as I write this.

Obviously cursing while teaching or in any workplace is probably not the best thing to keep your job, so I’ve decided to compile a list of suggestions for when you really need to curse but you don’t want to lose your job/scar a bunch of 5-15 year olds.

Here are some recent times I’ve almost cursed.

When the recess bell just rang and you need to make 30 copies in 10 seconds

Every time without fail when I need to make copies quick, there is never any paper. This happened to me this past week and when I went to put the paper in the machine all 200 pieces of paper fell on the ground. I wanted to say something that sounded like “mother trucker.”


But my suggestion to you would be to instead yell “MOTHER FUUUNNN.” Then smile at everyone working in the office and walk out without saying anything else. This worked really well for me last Monday.


When you’re teaching at a middle/high school and a student thinks it’s funny to make a sexual reference

This actually happened to me when I was teaching high school band. I was talking to a few trumpet players about how their tonguing needed to be lighter. The non-detailed version is that the student told me (in detail) how he could use his tongue (on me).

giphy (4).gif

What you might want to say is “what the he** is wrong with you?” May I suggest instead you say “I can’t wait to hear what your mom thinks about what your tongue can do! How exciting, we shall call her right now.”

Works every time.

When you’ve been working on the same song for the past two months and exactly one week before the performance your entire class forgets every word/instrument part.

The best is when you’re on stage practicing for a program you’ve been talking about for 3 months and a kid asks “why are we on stage, do we have a concert or something?”

You might be looking at your class and thinking “who are these children?” or “I’m obviously a terrible teacher.”

giphy (5).gif

You might want to say “what the literal he** have we been doing for the past two months?”

May I suggest instead you just look at the kids and laugh, just fake it (seriously it works.) The kids might ask “why are you laughing,” and then you can reply with either “so I don’t get mad” or my favorite “so I don’t cry.”


When you’re working with a student 1 on 1 and they sneeze right in your face

This has happened to me more times than I can count and I’m pretty used to it at this point but sometimes you’re just getting over being super sick and you just don’t feel like being sneezed on (you know what I mean)?

giphy (6).gif

You might want to say “why do all of you children suck my energy and want me dead?”

Just to let you know, you will get some confused looks on your face if you say that. May I suggest instead you say “thank you for sharing your germs with me, I just don’t want them. Next time please sneeze in your elbow.”

They’ll laugh and sometimes they even remember to cover their sneeze! (for about a day)


When a student tells you and the entire class an extremely off topic and inappropriate story about their family life

“Ms. Hayden I just had the worst diarrhea, like it was so bad I was up all night and it got all over the bed and all over the bathroom. My mom was super upset.”


You might want to say “why the ___ are you choosing to share that with everyone?”

May I suggest instead saying “well thank you for sharing such an intimate life detail, but next time that is something that can stay locked away in your head.”

Then wait for the laughs from the other children to stop, smile and continue on like nothing happened and you aren’t going to throw up at any moment.


Now I hope those suggestions help you out someday.

Let me add a quick side note, I do actually enjoy teaching and love my students. Those that know me well know that I have a pretty dry sense of humor and I’m very honest so I’m actually pretty proud of myself for not saying everything that I think when I’m teaching. I guess I’m as bad as the kids sometimes.

I’m going to leave you with a lovely photo of Littlefoot and Petrie not fighting.


Nice right?


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I am still alive – what I’ve been up to

Hello all!

Lately I’ve been struggling with my blog, wondering what is the point and what I actually wanted it to be. Working as a full-time elementary music teacher, teaching flute lessons after school, and doing countless band clinics makes me one very tired person. I was starting to feel stressed out by this little blog and I think I forgot why I even started it in the first place.

I started my blog last summer because I felt like I needed something creative to do and I love telling stories. So I decided I would just make a blog about my life, sharing what I’m up to, funny stories, great deals (I LOVE bargain shopping), and other random things! Throughout the past few months, I’ve been asking myself “what is my blog about?” and “what is the purpose?”

But you know what?

to hell with all that

I really enjoy writing about whatever I feel like on that particular day. So I wanted to say thank you to my lovely small readers, here at this blog you’ll find something different every post. It might be the best sale this weekend, maybe the weird things my students say or an embarrassing thing that happened this week.

In writing this, I’m going to take the pressure off trying to find the exact purpose of this little space.

What have I been up to?

Well besides teaching the minds of the future; I accidentally threw clay on this guy next to me in my pottery class last week. It was pretty exciting for him I think.

I’ve been taking pottery since the summer. It’s always been on my list of life experiences and after my mom died I knew I had to continue with some sort of art. For those of you that don’t know, my mom was an artist and we had art supplies next to the couch at all times because we were always working on some project.


A lion from my Mom with colored pencils and acrylic.

Pottery has turned out to be a great passion and I look forward to going each week. I find myself spending more time each week at the studio.

I mean.. we literally get to play with fire. Right now I’m in the process of making a lid for a vintage butter crock we own.

I’m by no means an expert and this is a pretty messy hobby. Usually I don’t throw things at people though.

I went to lab time on Saturday to make a few mugs and I set up my things at a wheel next to a very accomplished older potter. In the time it took me to get my things set up, he had already thrown three perfect bowls.

Whatever, I like to take my time anyways

If you know anything about potter wheels (or if you know nothing at all), you probably know that they spin pretty fast and it’s not the best idea to place things on the wheel and then just turn the wheel on super fast. That day I decided it would be a good idea to put my water bowl, my wet clay and several tools on the wheel while I adjusted my seat. Then I turned the wheel on and who knew that the foot pedal was accidentally stuck down (on the highest speed).

All I could do was watch (and get dirty) as all my water and supplies sprayed all over the man next to me. I didn’t even know what to say to the poor man, I just stared at him for a long time.


Most likely with this face.

And then I freaked out and basically screamed at him to forgive me until he just started laughing and told me to always check before I turn the wheel on.

I can only hope that I never see this man again.

Interesting note from pottery, this woman is throwing horse hair on her very hot vase. Smelled awful but looked amazing!


You go girl.

Anyways, I’ve missed you and I hope to post more now that the days are getting longer 🙂

If you took the time to read that entire post, I thank you for listening to my random thoughts.

I hope that this week brings you as much happiness as these two.


Although.. are they fighting? Who knows.

– Sierra

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Weird things my students say – after winter break edition

It’s been a while!!


My fellow teachers can understand that anytime after you come back after a break, you almost forget how exhausting each day can be. I feel like I’m never actually caught up, I finish one thing just to realize that I have 5 more things that I didn’t actually finish either.

This edition of “weird things my students say” is probably one of my favorites because its SO WEIRD.

I hope you enjoy the bizarre things my students say to me.

First up…

I can taste the lettuce I ate last night for dinner




This next one is from one of my 7th grade students and it’s probably one of my most bizarre comments ever.

Do you have kids?


Oh so you’re barren?

Me: (VERY shocked) What? Where did you learn that word?

My aunt told me that she just wishes she was barren so my uncle would “leave her alone.”

Quotation marks included

200 (6).gif

I was singing first grade a song about a snail

1st grader: I was a snail one time

Me: For Halloween?

1st grader: NO.. Like LAAAST time I was here, you know before I was here as me.



I apparently scarred my next student

Over the summer I saw one of my 2nd graders at the grocery store, it’s January now so I thought he would have forgotten this but one morning we were going over our new notes and I asked “does anyone have any questions about our new note do?”

1st Grader: Ms. Hayden, remember that time I saw you at the grocery store? You were wearing shorts, it was SO weird.

And then he said (in a really quiet voice)… I didn’t like it.


The word you can’t un-hear

“Ms. Hayden my friend was telling me about his crazy dream last night.. he had a dream that he was a penis.. NO PEANUT PEANUT PEANUT PEANUT PEANUT PEANUT.”

And although he kept repeating the word peanut, I just couldn’t get the first thing he said out of my head.

200 (2).gif


My personal favorite of the month

Can you guess what grade?

I wish I lived at your house… I just like you so much

long pause

I wish you gave birth to me

200 (1).gif


Ahh I hope that brought a smile to your face! Have a great weekend 🙂

  • Sierra xoxo

Crying at Toyota & We Have a Monster

Today was my first day back at work, luckily we had a work day today (so no students)!

UNLUCKY – it snowed about a billion feet of snow.

Yesterday on the way to my pottery class I was like “ohhh so pretty snow, I’m going to wear my cute boots yeeeeah.”


Proof of boots – photo taken before it had even started snowing for the day.

Anyways that’s all lovely right?

Last night when I started my always super reliable Toyota RAV4, it didn’t start right away and it took me at least 3 tries for it to start. I texted Mason to let him know and then went on my way.

This morning when I got done scraping all the snow in Colorado off my car, once again my car wouldn’t start! I was trying to get to work and I was already stressed about driving in the snow.

So obviously I started crying and thought “I NEED A NEW CAR NOW.”

I drag myself out of the car and obviously fall in the snow right outside, then I cried some more because I got snow in my boots and somehow this is all Mason’s fault.


200 2.gif

Anyways Mason is the most calm rational person I know, and when I tell him we need to go buy a new car right now he says “lets just get you to work and I’ll take care of the car.”

Nice right? I know!!

On the way to work I call Toyota crying (who knows whats wrong with me) and say “MY CAR WON’T START AND I JUST BROUGHT IT TO YOU AND EVERYTHING WAS FINE.”

The poor girl on the phone is like “okay well if it’s clicking then it’s just the battery and we can replace it whenever you can bring it in.”

Then I think “Oh.. that’s really reasonable, well okay then… thanks.. see you soon, have a great day.”

And then decide that I’m losing my mind (for the 8th time that morning).

Side Note: I just needed a new battery (intense huh?)

Normally I really do enjoy the snow, here is proof from our New Years Day hike


In other news the New Year has been great, but I’ve decided that my cat Petrie is a monster that does whatever he wants and gets worse every day.


Petrie has decided that he only drinks water from the sink now..

IMG_20170104_141445 2.jpg

Petrie’s new midday nap place

I’m not really sure that this post had any point, hopefully it brought some entertainment to your day!

Happy New Year!

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