Weird things my students say – after winter break edition

It’s been a while!!


My fellow teachers can understand that anytime after you come back after a break, you almost forget how exhausting each day can be. I feel like I’m never actually caught up, I finish one thing just to realize that I have 5 more things that I didn’t actually finish either.

This edition of “weird things my students say” is probably one of my favorites because its SO WEIRD.

I hope you enjoy the bizarre things my students say to me.

First up…

I can taste the lettuce I ate last night for dinner




This next one is from one of my 7th grade students and it’s probably one of my most bizarre comments ever.

Do you have kids?


Oh so you’re barren?

Me: (VERY shocked) What? Where did you learn that word?

My aunt told me that she just wishes she was barren so my uncle would “leave her alone.”

Quotation marks included

200 (6).gif

I was singing first grade a song about a snail

1st grader: I was a snail one time

Me: For Halloween?

1st grader: NO.. Like LAAAST time I was here, you know before I was here as me.



I apparently scarred my next student

Over the summer I saw one of my 2nd graders at the grocery store, it’s January now so I thought he would have forgotten this but one morning we were going over our new notes and I asked “does anyone have any questions about our new note do?”

1st Grader: Ms. Hayden, remember that time I saw you at the grocery store? You were wearing shorts, it was SO weird.

And then he said (in a really quiet voice)… I didn’t like it.


The word you can’t un-hear

“Ms. Hayden my friend was telling me about his crazy dream last night.. he had a dream that he was a penis.. NO PEANUT PEANUT PEANUT PEANUT PEANUT PEANUT.”

And although he kept repeating the word peanut, I just couldn’t get the first thing he said out of my head.

200 (2).gif


My personal favorite of the month

Can you guess what grade?

I wish I lived at your house… I just like you so much

long pause

I wish you gave birth to me

200 (1).gif


Ahh I hope that brought a smile to your face! Have a great weekend 🙂

  • Sierra xoxo

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