Why I Don’t Make New Years Resolutions

Goodbye 2016


In the past I have made many New Years Resolutions and swore to follow through and stick to my resolution all year-long!

200 2.gif

Several years ago I decided to lose some weight and thought I would go on a juice cleanse, which I suppose we can call successful. I ended up getting sick from it and throwing up for about 2 days straight, I did lose some weight though!

There was also the year that I decided I would try to be more healthy, so I googled everything under the sun that could potentially be wrong with me and how I could help all these “problems.”

I spent a month thinking I was dying and once again didn’t become any more healthy than I already was.

This year I have decided instead of making a bunch of resolutions I definitely won’t keep, I’m just going to try to be happier; whatever that might mean in the moment.

cat-new-year 2.jpg


I’ve wanted to take pottery classes forever, and this past year I signed up and it was amazing! We got to do Raku (basically play with fire), and my class ended up being something I looked forward to every week.IMG_20161029_142007.jpg

This past year I decided I was going to try to say yes more, and also say no more. I have always been the person to say yes to everything, even if it was something I didn’t have time or want to do.

What I learned is that when we always say yes to others requests; we start to say no to ourselves.

At one point I was working 15 hour days every day of the week, doing countless other projects and basically working myself to unhappiness.

I now truly think before I say yes and make myself more busy than I can handle. I don’t think there is much glory in being busy.

I found two books I absolutely LOVE this year, and I wanted to share them with you. Both these books are teaching me to enjoy each day more, and stress less.

Start Where You Are

I highly recommend this little journal by Meera Lee Patel, if you are looking for something light and beautifully written. Each page has a pretty quote about self growth and an activity on the other side. The point of this journal is for your to realize your goals and understand that it’s never to late to reach them. It’s also okay to be where you are right now and furthermore, enjoy the now.

Link for Journal, Under 10 dollars! – Start Where You Are

10 Minutes A Day To Less Stress


Another favorite book I’ve discovered this year, is this Gem by Patrizia Collard. Each page is filled with very easy activities you can do to enjoy the present moment.

Many times throughout the day I find myself worrying about something in the future, or feeling guilty or sad about something in the past. This is a waste of energy and it takes away from the present. This little book teaches you how to be more present now and less in the past and future. If you can master these techniques, you’ll be able to enjoy life more!

I will admit I’m still working on those, I tend to worry a lot. The worrying and anxiety it brings can make me sick sometimes but these activities have helped so far!

Link for Book, Under 7 dollars! The Little Book Of Mindfulness

I wish all of you a Happy New Year, I hope this year brings you all happiness, joy, friendship, and maybe the discovery of a hidden talent or hobby!

Happy New Year 2017 Memes 2.jpg

If we’re being honest here, I just wish for all of us to be as happy as my cats Littlefoot and Petrie.


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