The day I moved to Colorado and my cat died


You know those times when you think

“this will be funny later”

Well this is truly one of those stories that I can laugh about now, this is the day I moved from Texas to Colorado; I drove 11 hours in a U-Haul alone, moved in with a stranger, my cat died, and then I met a bunch of high/drunk neighbors that helped me dig a hole at 3 AM.

Get comfortable, this is good.

So everyone who knows me knows that I’m a cat person, I had a cat named Sneakers from a young child all the way through my undergrad. He was such a sweet cat and I loved him very much, when he died he was 21!


I’m from Texas, I did my undergrad at Texas Tech and then moved up to Fort Collins, Colorado for my Masters. I didn’t know a single person and I was terrified. On the day I moved I ended up packing all my stuff in a U-Haul (drove over many sidewalks) and drove myself 11 hours to my new house, with a brand new roommate.

Who I had only met once previously

Did I mention I also had my two cats, Littlefoot and Sneakers?

Any-who, I get to Colorado and its about 10 PM. I get everything unpacked and when I go upstairs to my room, my poor older cat sneakers has a heart attack in my arms.

This was obviously very traumatic but I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I got to hold my baby throughout his last moments.


Picture taken right after I had surgery. He was such a cuddle bug!!

After Sneakers died, I was immediately terrified of the dead cat body.

Like what do I do with Sneakers?

It’s 10 PM… I literally just met my roommate, how do I go in there and tell her that my cat just died?

So I spent a good 15 minutes trying to decide what to do and I went into my new roommates room and said,

“Okay so hey.. I know I literally just met you but I’m pretty sure my cat just died, he’s really old”

“Oh also I’m terrified of the body and I can’t go in there.. soo.. want to help?”

So my poor sweet roommate goes into the bathroom to make sure; yes this cat is dead and then we have to decide what to do.

SIDE NOTE: When I was later telling this story to my flute teacher she was like “oh why didn’t you just put him in the freezer?”

200 (2).gif

We decide that we have to bury Sneakers.

We also learn that we don’t have a shovel

Off to Walmart we go.

We get to Walmart and at this point I’m a mess and I’m crying and all red-faced. We go back to the garden department and this particular Walmart has their shovels BEHIND A GATE. A gate that has to be unlocked by an employee.

It’s midnight by now and I’m at Walmart crying and I have to go ask this employee if he can unlock the shovel locker so I can buy one.


Okay.. Shovel – CHECK. Ready to dig this hole.

Umm.. Have you guys ever tried to dig a hole? It’s REALLY freaking hard, especially in Colorado for some reason.

My roommate and I are in the back yard which is open to all the other townhouse back yards and we spend about a good hour and a half digging this hole, after an hour and half we have a good 2 inches.

We suck at digging apparently.

Fast forward to 3 AM. We’re outside still digging this hole and about 5 guys bike by, obviously drunk and coming home from the bars. They look over at these two girls, crying and digging a hole in the back yard.

200 (1).gif

After the extremely skeptical looks and me saying,

“Oh hello, my name is Sierra and I just moved to Colorado. My cat just died and I’m trying to dig this hole, do you want to help?”

They think for about 5 seconds and one of them takes the shovel and starts digging while the others go into the house to get supplies.

I go inside to grab a sweater and when I come back this has turned into a freaking full-fledged ceremony with chairs, incense sticks, a Mexican flag, and 36 cans of beer.

200 (3).gif

So here I am brand new in Colorado, minus one cat. Sitting in the back yard at 4 in the morning with my brand new roommate and 5 of our drunk neighbors drinking beer and wrapped around a Mexican flag while holding incense sticks and digging a hole for my cat.

Welcome to Colorado?

After they dug the hole, they put my baby Sneakers into the hole and then I KID YOU NOT each of them sprinkled a little bit of dirt and one of them even gave a really good speech.

Think: Farewell Aragog!!


And then we went inside and Littlefoot and I went to bed. When I called my mom to tell the story she said “oh that’s so great that you made friends honey, I’ll miss Sneakers.”

And there you go – my very first day in Colorado.

RIP Sneakers!!!

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2 thoughts on “The day I moved to Colorado and my cat died

  1. In my defense, a preserved body would be better to transport to the vet the next morning?

    Jeff said he would bury the cat in his yard.

    I’m a heartless person. RIP Sneakers.

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