Weird Things my Students say – Halloween edition

So Halloween was on a Monday this year, and some of you might think “okay…so??”

Let me just enlighten you on how that works at an elementary school.

Crazy day on Monday, all the kids were allowed to wear their costumes and we spent the whole day (if felt like) talking about Halloween and then finished the day off with a nice sugary Halloween party. Fun right? Not so much.

OKAY now Tuesday – Kids come in my morning classes and you can tell they are a little tired but it’s not so bad. Fast forward to the afternoon and I have students dragging their feet into the music room whining “I’M SO TIRED,” “I HAD CANDY IN MY LUNCH,” “I HAVE CANDY IN MY POCKET,”and the best one, “hehe…I have 4 tootsie rolls in my shoe.” In my afternoon kindergarten class I had 7 children cry.. 7 guys and not one of them was hurt, one was tired and didn’t want to dance, the rest were just tired and maybe someone looked at them. Who knows.

Wednesday things get really bad.

This is where I start to get the really weird random comments. You know in college when you stayed up way too late and everything becomes really funny? This is what my Wednesday was like, except it wasn’t funny and I was attempting to teach a new concept. Probably my fault for trying to teach new things, who do I think I am? A teacher or something? Ugh.

This is just a little post of the weird things that have been said in my class the last week in a half, I hope you enjoy and I hope we can all (students included) get much needed rest this weekend.

When a Holiday Kindergarten practice turns religious

Me: Finishes singing a song about a snowman who melts

Student: Jesus died

Me: Umm okay we’re actually not talking about that, I’m talking about a snowman. Lets talk about Hanukkah next!

Student: Uhh.. he died on the cross

Me: Okay honey we’re not going to talk about that, lets practice our candle song!

Student: Don’t we have PE today?

Me: No… you have music, we’re literally in music doing music right now. Like this very second..

Student: Okay I’m going to the zoo next month.


“Ms. Hayden, your hair is on backwards today..”

200 2.gif

Learning a new word

Me: Can anyone tell me what the word gaze means?

Student: “Yes you know like two gays.. like one girl might like another girl or one boy might love another boy and then we call them ‘the gays'”

Me: Umm.. okay so what I’m looking for is more like gazing at the stars.. Thanks for that though

200 (1).gif

Learning a new rhythm

1st grade was learning a brand new rhythm and the new rhythm was in a song about a cat who eats a lot of butter. So on the board there were 16 sticks of butter and I asked “what do we see on the board?”

Student: “Trucks?”

Me: Umm no try again.. Remember the song we were just singing? About the cat? Hmmm?

Student: “A mountain?”

Me: No boys and girls, the cat eats butter.. there is butter on the screen.. what is the butter showing us, the beat or the rhythm?

2 Students then *burst into tears* and when I ask whats wrong one replies



Wearing my Halloween costume


Student: “Are you a lake?”

Me: “No I’m a raincloud.”

Student: “Are you sad?”

Me: “No I like the rain the most!”

Student: “Are you sad because you aren’t married?”

200 (2).gif

Disgusting things I thought I’d never say

I looked over at a kindergarten student and he was licking his entire hand, like between every single finger and everything.

Me: Lets not lick our hands, our hands have germs on them!

Student: (very excited) Oh I sneezed and I’m cleaning it off!!

Then the student sneezes again (a lot.. you know what I mean) and starts to lick the snot off of his hand.

200 (3).gif


I hope you had an easier week, luckily it’s the weekend now so we can all rest/drink 4 glasses of wine.

I’m off to take a shower because reliving this week made me feel exhausted and dirty.


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