Stitch Fix Review – Sweaters and Leggings

Hi guys!

Every leaf on the beautiful trees outside my apartment has fallen and for once I’m actually embracing the cooler air. It’s very grey outside this week but I still had fun taking pictures in the cooler grey weather.

I keep thinking about the cold weeks where Mason makes a fire every night, heavy snow falls, and I get to enjoy some time under the electric blanket. Even the cats enjoy the falling snow! (ISH)


My vet thinks Littlefoot is part Norwegian Forest Cat and I will say she gets pretty puffy in the winter but only likes to spend a couple of minutes outside before coming in and sitting on the heated blanket for the rest of the day!

Anywhooo I’m off topic again!

A little background on this fix,

I just had surgery last month and I basically have a c section type incision on my lower abdomen which makes wearing normal pants hard right now. So I have been trying to find clothing that I can wear leggings with but that also doesn’t show every thing no one needs to see.

I’ve always envied shorter girls who could buy a sweater a size up and wear leggings with the bigger sweater. I’m 5″7 so that doesn’t always work for me and probably isn’t work appropriate. I asked my stylist for fall sweaters, maybe things I could wear with leggings and I also really wanted to try out some faux leather leggings! My stylist Heather is awesome and she sent me a great box, I’m having a really hard time deciding what to keep!!


Glamorous Jelston Cable Knit Pullover


Can we just talk a moment about how this is the perfect color ever? It’s actually one of my favorite colors. I just love how it looks like the color of the changing leaves! The only problem with this is that I think its a bit too big for me to really pull off, the size is xs and still leaves a ton of room to work with.

I absolutely LOVE this color, but I’m wondering if the oversize shape will make me not reach for it. I do need to look a bit put together when I’m working and I’m not sure if huge sweater qualifies as put together. By the way.. do you see those amazing leggings? They’re up soon!!


Evolution by Cyrus Ladera Open Cardigan



Who doesn’t need more cardigans? I love this color and it is really soft, it’s very long too. When I first put this on I was wearing shorts and I told Mason “hmm am I wearing pants? No one knows mwahaha!”

I’m not sure if the length would work on someone shorter than I am but I really do like the material and where it hits on my body. DO I need another cardigan? I don’t have one this color but I’m still very undecided.

What should I do with my “who knows if I’m wearing pants” cardigan?!

Brixon Ivy Petey Beaded Cable Front Pullover


Holy Holiday Sweater!

This sweater is beautiful!!! Can you say holiday parties? Actually.. have I ever been to a holiday party..? I’m not sure, someone please invite me to a holiday party so I can wear this sweater.

The Brixon Ivy is beaded all down the front of the shirt, it’s very flattering, and I think I could wear it all winter season. Shirts like this make me a little nervous because what happens if one of the little beads comes off? Do I need to wash this by itself? Is this dry cleaning only? SO MANY QUESTIONS??! Like usual I’m still deciding on this one, it’s beautiful and if you’re looking for a perfect holiday sweater you should definitely pin this one!

S&D Flo Textured Printed Legging


Okay lets talk about these.. You might have noticed me wearing this with my big sweater and the cowl neck sweater (up next). They’re very comfortable, here is a close up so you can see the material is more textured than leather.

I’ve been looking for some leggings like this for a while, and I’ve tried faux leather leggings before but they were always super shiny and rubbed together when I crossed my legs or walked. You know.. not something I can wear all day while teaching 6 year olds. I love that these are more interesting than leather leggings, they have different swirling designs and look great under long tunics with boots! I love them so much!

RD Style Woods Cowl Neck Pullover


This is probably my favorite item in my box this month! Who doesn’t love a good cowl neck? This one is long enough to cover my butt, it’s light but I think it will keep me warm during the coming months. Thank you Stitch Fix for finding a cowl neck sweater that I can wear with leggings!! Definitely keeping this one.

So there we go!

5 great pieces that are having me make hard decisions! I’m already 100% set on the cowl neck but what else if anything should I keep? HELP!!

And just for fun, here is a very flattering photo of myself trying to set my camera up. I guess this is my concentration face?


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Sierra xoxo


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