Pumpkins everywhere plus a little blood

It’s been two weeks since my surgery and I’m doing much better, still having a lot of fatigue while teaching (or standing in general) and some swelling. But I felt well enough to have full on date night with Mason this weekend, which included actually going to dinner and pumpkins! Mason had to carry mine of course and I also cut my finger (more on that later) but it was overall a successful night.

Since Mason is still in school (woo done in December), we miss each other a lot.. I know what you’re thinking, but we have opposite schedules so what I mean is we literally miss seeing each other.  I get up at 5-5:30 every morning while he is still asleep, when I come home he is at work and then school. Since I go to bed early there are days where I don’t see him except to say goodbye in the morning.

Hence DATE NIGHT. It’s important and we never miss it.


After dinner on Saturday we picked out our pumpkins, and when we got home….

I actually got tired and went to bed. But oh boy on Sunday we sure did carve our pumpkins! I had Mason print out a picture of Tinkerbell because I’ve seen pictures of others make “pixie dust” on their pumpkins and I had to try. It was so easy!


All I did was tape my Tinkerbell on to my pumpkin and carve like usual, then I went to town with it using a drill. I used the 5 smallest drill bits to make all of Tinkerbell’s pixie dust. At first I only used the smallest drill bit but you couldn’t see any light through it so I went back over her dust trail with a few different sizes and that worked a lot better.

Petrie even wanted in on the carving action but mainly just wanted to sit on our papers and bite the top of the pumpkin.


Excuse my mess; I always have 5 projects going on. Also when I was pulling the drill out of Mason’s fancy tool box holder thing, I cut my finger on the bottom. It literally bled for twenty minutes and I definitely cried. Luckily Mason is very calm/smart and told me that I should probably put pressure instead of just squeezing it and crying.


Mason on the other hand made a very adorable cat, because you know.. we like cats.. we have two of them and one is actually sitting half on my laptop while I’m writing this.

Look at those cute faces!!

After this weekend I’m feeling very appreciative of the cool weather, yellow leaves, and the ability to wear sweaters and leggings. I’m also so grateful to have such wonderful people (and fur babies) in my life to spend time with.

PROOF that he was on my laptop!!!

You still have time before Halloween to carve your pumpkins, I see lots of un-bloody fingers in your future 😉

Have you followed my Facebook yet? I post blog updates there, pictures of the cats, and random pictures. It’s really great.

Love you all!



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