Get Your Best Fix Ever

Stitch Fix is a stylist company for women and men who would prefer to have someone pick clothing to be delivered directly to their door! Either because don’t have the time to shop, need help with styling outfits, or just hate shopping.

Your stylist knows what to send you through guidelines that you set up when you first sign up for Stitch Fix. Then you are able to leave a note for each individual box.

Stitch Fix is also great for cats, each month they get a new box and wrapping paper to play with! What else could a cat want?


I’ve been doing Stitch Fix for about a year and a half and overall I’ve been extremely pleased.

Although, over the summer I had three boxes where I sent everything back. Nothing seemed to match my style or what I was looking for.

I decided to email customer service to find out what I could do better so my stylist could have a better sense of what my style was. I figured I would start with what I could be doing better instead of getting upset with the service itself. So finally after many fixes and a few stylists, I feel like I have a hang on this stylist/shopper communication! Here are six tips I’ve learned that have helped me have excellent boxes!

Remember Stylist’s Time

Stylist only have about 15 minutes to style each client and even if you’ve been with the same stylist for a while; they still don’t have much time to read your feedback, read your notes, check through your Pinterest, and then pick your items. I like to make sure everything I give my stylist is very deliberate and to the point. You need to give your stylist as much information about what you need right now, what you don’t need in this fix, and if you have any special requests. Always be kind, remember there is a human on the other side of the screen. 🙂

Keep your Pinterest Board Uncluttered

I have found that I receive more items I’m wanting when I don’t have a ton of pins on my Pinterest board. I used to have about 200 pins from all over the place and from all different seasons. I don’t think my stylist has time to scroll through all of that and figure out exactly what I want. I try to keep my pins to stitch fix only clothing or pins from the “Ladies In StitchFix” board of real women wearing stitch fix clothing. Seriously, there are some beautiful pictures of you women out there in Pinterest world!

When you Pin Stitch Fix items it makes it easier for stylists to send you items that look similar to the things you pin. I keep my Pinterest board between 15-20 items and I change my board with each fix. I go through after each box and delete things that I received and add items I’m looking for in my next box. Keeping your Pinterest updated for the changing seasons and needs helps your stylist have a better sense of what you want.

Spend time writing your note

I don’t mean that you must use every single one of your characters. If they gave me unlimited characters my notes would probably sound something like this:

Dear Stylist, thank you so much for the excellent box last month. It was perfect and you really hit my style. For my next box could you please send me something amazingly comfortable but also stylish and maybe something that had pockets for my cats so I can take them with me places… Seriously guys I could go on.

Right now I’m looking for fall tops and maybe some of those amazing coated jeans! My note right now sounds something like this – Looking for more fall knits that are easy to match with colored jeans. Especially looking for longer tops or tunics that I could wear with leggings and boots. Would love to try some coated pants if available. No shoes needed at the moment. Thank you so much 🙂

Don’t Get Too Specific

When I leave my notes I make sure not to ask for anything too specific. I don’t want to be disappointed and the stylist doesn’t always have access to the items I might want to try!

I will admit there have been times where I’ve see something that I want to try on badly, but I have only requested a specific item a couple of times. The stylists have always been great and tried their best to send my request or find something similar. I don’t ever count on them sending something specific.

I have found that if you do want something specific, having your Pinterest board clean and leaving a sweet simple note helps with those unicorn requests. 🦄🦄🦄

Feedback is Important

After you’ve decided what you’re keeping and sending back, this is a perfect time to let your stylist know why. Instead of just saying “this didn’t work,” be detailed and say “I liked the cut but I thought that the pattern didn’t flatter my midsection, would have kept if it was a neutral color.

I have sent things back that would have worked if just one detail was different. I recently got a dress that I loved and was extremely flattering but the print was a little old for me and washed me out a bit. A few fixes later I got the same dress but in a different print and it worked perfect! My stylist would have never known to send me the same dress again if I hadn’t been specific as to why that particular item didn’t work.

Need Inspiration?!

Sometimes I have a hard time figuring out what to write in my note or finding items to pin. Sometimes I need some feedback from someone other than my cat as to what I should keep! This is why I love the Facebook Stitch Fix Boards. There are several boards for selling clothes or discussing stitch fix related items! I’m in the Stitch Fix Sx/Small board, the Stitch Fix main discussion board, and I follow Stitch Fix Reviews.

There is a wonderful, kind, and honest community of women on the boards ready to answer questions, look through your reveals, and give you inspiration for notes or items to pin! Each group has its own rules, so just make sure to read those after you’ve been accepted into the group.

These changes I’ve made over the past few months have really helped my boxes get better and better. I always think it’s a sucessful box if there is one thing I keep and really love/use. I would love to hear if you’ve done something that makes your fixes better! If you’re interested in trying Stitchfit and using my referral link – Click here!


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