Easy DIY Fall Wreath

Good news and bad news today! GOOD NEWS – FALL IS HERE! In Colorado the leaves have all started to change, there is snow up in the mountains, and the air has that wonderful crisp smell.

Bad news.. I officially have the worst downstairs neighbors (stay with me, you’ll see where I’m going with this). SO we have these new neighbors down stairs who do a few things that normal people would consider to be inconsiderate.

Here is an example of their daily life: wake up around 11, go outside shout for no reason, light up a cigaret (or marijuana) and smoke right next to my window so all the smell comes into my apartment, and around 3 PM they must invite every single person they know over to start day drinking. This is a good time for them yell at their sweet cat if he wants food or wants to come inside, start throwing glass bottles outside, then I think they take a 4ish hour nap.

After the nap they have their friends over for some pre-drinking (especially on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday nights), they make sure that all of their friends pee right outside the apartment next to my car, and then after they’re good and drunk they get into their car and go to the bars. Once they get back around 2 AM they start their nightly war calls outside my window, making sure to wake me up. It’s a pretty consistent cycle and I admire their strict schedule.

I wake up around 5 every morning because I’m a teacher and I very much dislike them and their schedule.

Because I don’t trust them to mess with my belongings, any decorating has to happen inside the house, which is the case with this beautiful fall wreath I made!



Right now it’s currently on the inside of my door, which I think is great because I get to look at it all the time! It was crazy easy to make and cost me about 10 dollars total! This is how I did it! I would highly recommend waiting until Hobby Lobby has their fall decor on sale and you have a coupon! I got all of the flowers for 40 percent off, which made each bundle about 1.50.


  1. Twig circle wreath (this size was 4 dollars)
  2. Hot Glue Gun
  3. Wire Cutters
  4. Assortment choice of fall flowers/decor

When I was at Hobby Lobby I laid out all my materials on the ground and roughly arranged them on my twig wreath. This step could potentially save you money because I had originally picked out way more flowers than I needed!

Once you’re home experiment with the placement of your flowers and decide what you want to glue down first. I was able to wrap the first two pieces of flowers around the twig!

Once you know how you want your flowers to be set up you can start gluing it to your twig. I wanted just a few flowers on the sides because I thought the twig was really beautiful on its own.


Super easy! Just glue each piece (I tried to make sure I was gluing the flowers right to the twig.


You might need to cut some of the wire, here is me trying scissors (which obviously doesn’t work) I had to borrow Mason’s wire cutters and they worked great!

YOUR CAT MIGHT TRY TO EAT THE WREATH. Don’t let them because they will throw up later. On your pillow possibly.

After you have everything glued on, you’re good to hang your creation up! Maybe you could even hang yours outside #luxury.


Pretty neat huh? This added just enough fall to the inside of my tiny apartment to make it feel extra cozy 🙂 (anyone spot the tiny pumpkin?!)


I would love to see what you come up with!

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