If I Ran For President

2016 = Election year! Now I know you folks reading this are super excited for our excellent candidates that you get to vote on in November!! So I thought I would weight in on the policies that I believe are important to the happiness of our country (and our cats).

Here is the important stuff:

I would magically make curly hair perfect every day


This is literally what my hair looks like in the morning. Help.

No job will start before 9 AM


Dogs are allowed in every building at all times



Everyone will have the ability to eat as much queso/guac and chips without being full


Every Saturday is National S’mores Day and the government is required to set up fire pits and supply s’mores rations.


We will all finally decide that chip readers were a bad idea.


Once a week every family must have Family Game Night. Parents can spend time with their kids while teaching them how to share, how to lose, and how to be a gracious winner.


Seriously though, can we all agree to spend a bit more time away from the screen with our kids so that when they come to school they’re able to sit for 3 minutes without electronic stimulation?

Overtime is no longer allowed to be apart of ANY job. Go be with your family, dogs, cats, or yourself but not at work.

images (1).jpeg

All staff meeting must have 2 of the following; girl scout cookies, movie theatre popcorn, or wine. Choice is yours.

And finally; never again will you open your camera for it to unexpectedly be on selfie mode.


Well those are my grand ideas, please don’t take them seriously as I am not a serious candidate. I’m just a teacher in Colorado who talks to her cats and writes blog posts when she’s tired and thinks they are hilarious. What ridiculous changes would you make?


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