Stitch Fix Review Pumpkin Spice

I’m so excited for this fix!! I asked my stylist for cozy knit tops and possibly a comfy cardigan that I could wear while recovering from a surgery I’m having to have next week. My stylist did a wonderful job! She even sent me an outfit that was only missing a pumpkin spice latte and maybe 10 degree cooler weather! Even my cats were slightly impressed by my outfits this time (you will notice that at the bottom).

I would also like to point out that I let my cats Petrie and Littlefoot out on the balcony while I was taking pictures and they only got into trouble twice!! Littlefoot got completely wrapped up in a spider web, WITH A FREAKING SPIDER. Thanks Littlefoot. And Petrie only ate 4 leaves (which he threw up later). It’s the little things in life.

Let me know what you think! I’m so excited for this fix!

Skies are Blue Arturo Tab-Sleeve Blouse



Such a beautiful fall color and it was really soft too!! This is going back because I already have so much plaid in my closet, AND I roll around on the ground all day with little children and this isn’t the type of top that does very well with spills/sweat.. if you know what I mean.


Market & Spruce Mae Zipper Detail Poncho



This might be the most fall/winter piece of clothing I’ve ever gotten. I was almost disappointed that there wasn’t snow on the ground so that I could take winter pictures in this poncho. This is also going back because although it is beautiful, its not super practical for my daily life! I definitely recommend pinning it though because it is very well made and beautiful!


Brixon Ivy Lawley Cable Knit Open Cardigan



GUYS!! PIN THIS RIGHT NOW. It is the most comfy cardigan and it is SUPER flattering and cute. My stylist definitely delivered on this one and I think I’ll be wearing it for months to come around the house, teaching, and recovering from surgery (while hanging out with the kitties!!)




Is this not the most Pumpkin Spice Outfit you’ve ever seen? You know it is. All I need is a PSL and maybe some pizza (because who doesn’t want pizza). Anyways I’m undecided on these leggings because I just have such a hard time finding thick leggings that don’t show my butt through (you know what I mean). They fit perfectly and are super comfy!!


Laila Jayde Lenehan V Neck Knit Top



This is another wonderful knit sweater that would be a great staple in your closet! I did feel like it was kind of long for my body but it is extremely soft. Those who know me well know that I am a sucker for soft tops. It’s like I just need to have it on my body right now and for the rest of forever. This is definitely another top that you should have on your fall Pinterest board!


And as always, I try to get a great mother/cat picture with Petrie (littlefoot won’t let me hold her and she was asleep under the couch). I hope you enjoy!! And please let me know what you think of this fix!!


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Love you guys, Sierra



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