Best Clothing Deal and Reward Apps

By now you know that I’m a teacher and although my heart is full, my wallet isn’t always full. I don’t have children so I don’t have to worry about supporting anyone else except my two VERY needy, obsessive cats.

Hey.. I know what you’re thinking but these two can be very suffocating and Littlefoot just recently had to switch to prescription food! She won’t let me brush her teeth with salmon flavored toothpaste (rude) so now she has gourmet dental food.


They were mad because I got up to go to the bathroom because I’m an a**hole.

Anywhooo, I’m a HUGE bargain shopper. There isn’t much that I buy without first looking to see if I can get it for a cheaper price. Here are my favorite apps at the moment for shopping, deals, and just saving money in general.


Poshmark is an Android and iPhone app for selling a buying used clothes! I have sold several different items of clothing and I believe you get more selling on Poshmark than at local resell shops. You do have to like other users shops in order for your shop to get attention but it’s not hard and it’s worth it. The other side of Poshmark is buying! I’ve gotten great deals on shoes (my lucky brand flats, and many pairs of jeans). One thing I do suggest is always try and negotiate the price by making an offer. As long as the offer is fair, the seller will usually work with you and lower your price even more!



Zulily is a daily deal app that has really quality brands for much cheaper prices! Each day you can look through their app for great deals on clothing, shoes, and items for the home! I’ve gotten Clarks boots and bedding for way cheaper than I would ever pay in store. The best part about Zulily is that they are a really great company, if you’re not happy with your purchase they will do everything they can to make you happy even if that means they loose out on money!


Jane is similar to Zulily, they release new deals every day. The big difference is that Jane clothing comes from smaller boutiques instead of big name brand clothing and home goods that you might see on Zulily! The big downside to Jane is that even if you buy multiple items, you still have to pay for shipping for each individual item since they are all from different venders. It can get pricey if you do order more than one thing. I have gotten some great quality tops and home goods from Jane though, it’s worth a try!


ThredUP is another used clothing app but the clothing isn’t being sold by the original owner. In order for these used clothes to be sold to lovely people like you, they have to first be sent to ThredUP and they pay the seller and then turn around and sell them on their app. It’s sort of like a resell shop but online! If you’re looking to sell your clothes, they will send you a prepaid FedEx or USPS label and you can send them a bag of your clothing. I’ve heard that they don’t pay much for used clothes but if you’re looking to buy something you can get some great deals and you know that what you get will be in good condition since it goes through their inspections before going on sale!


Shopkick is an app that rewards you for shopping! You get “kicks” for walking into stores, scanning items in that store, for credit card purchases, for scanning recipes, and for adding friends. Once you have a certain number of “kicks” you can redeem them for gift cards later on. Although it does take a while to earn enough kicks for a gift card, its free money and I’ve paid for a lot of Starbucks this year with my kicks from going into stores I was already planning on shopping at!

Target Cartwheel

TARGET!!! Need I say more? The last time I went to target, I went to buy contact solution. I spent 45 dollars on a shirt and who knows what else and when I got home I realized I didn’t even buy contact solution.. The Cartwheel app is a great way for me (and you) to save money at Target. They put up weekly and daily deals for products in their store that you can add to your “barcode” that you scan at the end of your checkout. My favorite part about this app is that their clothing goes on sale all the time. I got two tops recently that I love for about 15 dollars each!

Kohls Reward App

Speaking of Kohl’s, have any of you ever been to Kohl’s on black Friday? They have the best sales ever. If you shop at Kohl’s frequently you should download their app and definitely sign up for their rewards program, for every 100 points you get they give you $5 and they are always have extra Kohls cash days where you can earn even more free money. If you have the app you can scan any barcode in the store and it will tell you the price and if there is possibly a deal. I’ve spent many minutes scanning clothing in the dressing room and letting that help me decide what I was going to buy!


Ibotta is a coupon app that gives you deals based on your location. I use it for my local grocery store and after you verify that you purchased the items you’ve unlocked (which means you’re going to use them) you take a picture of your receipt and they give you money for each purchase! So far I’ve made about $40 over time just verifying my purchases that I was already going to make! It does take a little bit of forethought but it’s worth it for free money!


There you have it! Those are my favorite money saving apps, do you have any different apps that will help me support myself and my cats? Let me know! And as always follow my Facebook page for updates on my blog!






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