7 Expert tips for working out

My friends that know me very well know that I’m not exactly a fitness expert. I was one of those people who got really lucky that they weren’t fat and just got serious about my health in the past few years. Honestly, I used to eat so bad!! When I was in high school I remember coming home and eating 4 slim fast meal bars at a time because I thought they were like candy, THEN I would eat dinner and maybe some ice cream.. what..?

Now I’m pretty active, I like being outdoors, I run, I go on a lot of hikes, and I eat very healthy. While growing up and going to the gym I definitely found some tips that have helped me along the way, and I decided it’s time to share the wealth. I hope these help you! 😉

Make sure you measure yourself often to keep up with your progress


Never ask anyone how to actually use a machine, just assume you know and commit.


Make loud noises while working out so everyone knows you’re gettin’ shit done


One time my headphones fell out while I was running and I was MORTIFIED by my loud breathing sounds, it’s not something I would recommend.

If you don’t post on social media, your workout does NOT count


Workout to be able to do what is important in life


Skills right there

Make sure to look good while working out


Because that is necessary, apparently.

And most importantly, Stay Hydrated


THIS IS WINE (Just in case you didn’t know)

Okay lets get real for a second. A couple of weeks ago there was a playboy model who took a picture of an older woman getting changed in a dressing room with the comment “if I can’t un-see this, you can’t either.” This really pissed me off because – hello INVASION OF THIS WOMANS PRIVACY. And also why the hell do you care what this woman is doing? She is at the gym doing what she feels like she needs to do to take care of HER body. This “model” is the reason some people feel self conscious going to the gym or working out.

I know that I have felt weird about not knowing how to use a machine or not being able to run as long as the person next to me, and I’ve even felt strange going to the gym and working out next to someone in a full face of makeup. But you know what, I don’t know their story, maybe this person came straight from work and wanted to get a quick workout in without taking off their make up. Maybe they don’t break out from having on a perfect face and hair while also running 6 miles. Who am I to judge either way?

Honestly, no one cares what you’re doing at the gym, everyone has their own insecurities about themselves working out or being at the gym. Do don’t worry about what you look like, if you’re bigger than the person next to you, how fast or long you’re working out, or if you have to ask someone how to use a machine.

Just worry about yourself and how you feel during and after your workout because you’re working on making a healthier version of yourself. Don’t compare yourself to anyone else, compare yourself to your past health. Maybe today you can run for two extra minutes, HELL YES. Maybe tomorrow you’ll be a tiny bit more flexible, YOU GO GIRL/BOY.

Seriously if anyone ever passes judgement on you or remarks on your time spent working on your health, then they really have some self confidence issues that they need to work on. Just smile and move on.


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