Stitch Fix Review – Closet Lookalikes

I received my “Officially Fall” fix a couple of days ago! Now fall has just sort of crept in here in Colorado. For me September = boots, yellow leaves, and me trying 30 different at home pumpkin spice recipes only to find that none of them tastes like Starbucks.

My fix this month was great!! There was only one issue, well actually 3 issues.. I went to Nordstrom Rack this week and I somehow picked out three items that look very similar to my StitchFix ones! Crazy right? They might as well hire me to be a stylist.

Hear that StitchFix? I’ll be waiting for my call to join your team. K love you

Below is everything that I got, and I also posted my “lookalikes” with links to where you can purchase them if you’re so inclined. ALSO I NEED YOUR HELP on the dress and the green pants.

Did you hear that I got green pants? I love green pants. I feel like I’m magical and I just need to find a matching robe, wand, hat, and go out looking for the last horcrux.

Lets start with the clothing that does not have a lookalike!

Brixon Ivy Cristen Shirt Dress


SOOO I actually really love this dress. But I do have a question for you lovely people. Is this pattern too old for me? I mean my students think I’m like 43 but I’m really only 28 and I don’t need another reason for them to wonder why I’m unmarried and really old. Also I can’t decide if I need to size down to an XS. I’m not exactly swimming in the ladies department, I actually decided that when I loose weight it only comes from my boobs.

Hmm.. how to loose weight without losing boob weight? I don’t know. But should I keep this dress?!? Also do you see Petrie? He was planning his escape with the cat next door between the frequent hisses.

Skies are Blue Edmonds One Pocket Top


Okay guys.. so I usually don’t get anything in my stitch fix that I absolutely don’t like but this top is one of them. I actually think the pattern mixing is kind of cute, but this is the most wrinkly top of my life. I EVEN IRONED THE BOTTOM… and I don’t iron things. I need my life to be iron free 97% of the time and this shirt would really get in the way of my iron free life. Going back.

Okay now we’re getting into the things that I pretty much already own 😉

DV8 Genna Lace Up Wedge Bootie


Pretty cute right? I feel like a volleyball player who just left a gold metal match; nice and tall and maybe tan?

HERE IS THE ISSUE. I own Tom’s boots that look so similar, I bought them at Nordstrom Rack a few weeks ago. PLEASE DON’T BE MAD AT ME STITCH FIX, I LOVE YOU SO. I just really love bargains and deals also. Everyday I look through sales, Zulily, and I’m a frequent TJ MAXX shopper. It’s actually embarrassing, they know me now.


Here are my Tom’s. Now I know they aren’t the same color but they are pretty much the same thing and we know that I’m a teacher with a boyfriend in college and two needy cats to support right? I just can’t justify it.

BTW here is a link to get your own Nordstrom rack Tom’s Boots ($60) They aren’t the exact same color but still cute, and I’m sure you can find them on Tom’s website as well.


RETROD Morrison Elbow Patch Pullover


Okay so this pullover is super well made (feels thicker than the one I got at Nordstrom) AND guys it has elbow patches. If I bought this I would finally feel like a real professional teacher. Ugh life goals.

Here is my issue. I just bought a sweater that looks VERY similar from Nordstrom Rack.

NO ELBOW PATCHES.. I know, I know but it is very similar. Like I already mentioned, the Stitch Fix one is VERY well made and feels like a great piece that will last a long time.

BTW below is a link to this comfy sweater, it’s supposed to be a little bigger and I’m wearing a small here. I wish they had an XS but with boots, snow, and a PSL this top is a keeper.

RDI Scoop Neck Twist – Nordstrom Rack ($27)

Okay last thing are the magical green pants.

EDYSON Leon Corduroy Ankle Zip Skinny Jean


It’s hard to tell in the picture but these are the most beautiful deep green color, they are corduroy (which I LOVE) and have a zipper (BONUS). I love them so much, they fit my 5″7 frame perfectly and I could see myself wearing them all the time. Now I’m pretty sure I’m keeping these magical green pants but I did just buy some Olive Skinny pants from Nordstrom Rack!


Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 11.21.04 AM

These Articles of Society pants are AMAZING, super soft and a perfect color for fall. But I just can’t get over the EDYSON ones from Stitch Fix!! Life is so hard sometimes.

You can get the Articles of Society ones HERE ($33)

Okay Stitch Fix please don’t be mad that I already bought a lot of the pieces you sent, my stylist did an AWESOME job and I don’t think I’ll be able to send back those pants.


Lovely readers – please give me some insight and help me decide!


Petrie says “hello and I think your blog is stupid, let me outside.”

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Love you, bye





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