Weird Things My Students Say #1

I think most teachers can agree that the best part of being a teacher is the fact that you get to be around kids all the time! Kids are weird okay? Seriously.. Since I am a music teacher I have the opportunity to teach elementary, middle, and high school students. Let me just tell you, they all have their own interesting comments, looks, and just plain bizarre situations.

I find myself saying the strangest things throughout the day, for example:

“Please don’t lick the ground”

“Oh no we don’t touch people there”

“It would be nice if you didn’t eat all my erasers” (TRUE STORY PEOPLE)

Anyways, the best is the weird things they do and say. Here are 7 of my most favorite examples, with more to come throughout my career. Enjoy


  • “Ms. Hayden, I drew you four times with hearts under your head”


“Well goodness, I just look so beautiful.”


  • Those times when you get more than you bargained for:

       Me: Did you have a good weekend?

       Student: Yes, but my mom had a bad weekend. She is          mad because my dad left and slept at Amy’s House


giphy (2)

“Oh.. excuse me students while I remove myself from this situation.”

  • Student leaves picture of me on my desk

    Me: WOW my hands are big!

    Student: No.. those are babies (and then skip away)

    download_20160826_164654Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 9.54.09 AMAccurate


  • While explaining where the bathroom is:

    Student: Ms. Hayden looks like she has to fart when she’s thinking.

    BTW if you thought this got my class off topic; a puppy was on the playground right outside my room so at least 4 minutes of my instruction was interrupted by farts and puppies.


  • The marriage questions:

    Student: Ms. Hayden are you married?

       Me: No

       Student:  (very sympathetic voice) Oh.. so you just live        at home with all your cats?

Screen Shot 2016-08-28 at 10.10.19 AM.png

I actually don’t see a problem with this.

Student teaching gem:

  • While I was student teaching middle school band a child tells me “Ms. Hayden.. You look just like Chucky.”
  • At first I thought it was from the Rugrats show, but he quickly corrected me..“NO the killer red head doll, let make sure we never give Ms. Hayden a knife.”


SIDE NOTE- on my last day they brought me a goodbye cake and that same kid was like “NO NO knives for you.”


  • Never ask first graders what they think a song means

    I had just gotten done singing a song “bell horses” to a first grade class and asked “what is a bell horse?”

    Student replied with “one time my sister was wearing shoes with bells on them but our dog pooped on them and then she cried so hard she threw up and my mom was so mad she just left us outside and went inside to go to the “bathroom” (he did the hand quotations and everything)



I hope that made you smile! What weird things have your students or children said to you?


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