Accidental Stitch Fix #17, Fall Transition

Soooo you might be wondering why the title says accidental?? Stitch fix is awesome andΒ when I got a new stylist, I asked for an extra box since I hadn’t kept anything in three months. IT WAS GREAT! Hi Jordan πŸ™‚ Anyways, I forgot to reset my next box to be for next month so I got two boxes this month.

Is that a good thing? Yes… but not for my wallet.

Who can really say? My cat Petrie was moderately impressed and was really excited to make a break for it a few times when I was taking pictures on my balcony.

In my note I had asked for fall transitions (btw I really need some note inspiration because the whole “I like clothes and I need to not be naked at work” thing might not cut it for much longer). Regardless of my vague note, Jordan did a great job! Here is what I got!

Market & Spruce Colibri Plaid Printed Tab-sleeve shirt – Probably keeping


This shirt is SO soft. I live in Colorado and we basically sleep in plaid so this would be a great addition to my closet. The ONLY thing is that the shirt wrinkled pretty easily and I could just see it becoming a mess after a day of teaching.

“Ms. Hayden.. didn’t you wash your shirt before you wore it?”

ALSO did you notice those great jeans? THEY ARE SO COMFY.

Lily Ryan Liza Skinny Jean – They fit so well, do I buy 100 dollar jeans? Who can say though?


Here is a picture of my jeans/butt, lets not get weird here.

But seriously these fit perfectly which is almost impossible so I’m really considering just keeping them because I would wear them all fall!

Papermoon Savahna Lace Detail Knit Top – Return


This top has a really pretty detail on the back, but the print is really not my style.


FYI Petrie was wondering if he could have a cat sized one?


OneMarket Clinton Knit Dress – Return


This dress was a good idea (great for teaching and such) but it was just too big and I didn’t think it did anything for my shape.


Papermoon Lenroy Pocket Detail Knit Top – NOT SURE YET


Do you see my “did you take it yet” face? This shirt is a great color for fall but I’m just really not sure how much I would actually wear it. Its sort of long enough to wear with leggings, but I don’t really wear leggings much so I’m not sure.

I guess I should change the name of this blog post to “I’M NOT SURE YET AND I NEED TO TAKE A NAP.” (We started back at school this week and I’m feeling that exhausting, dead, all day tired)

Please let me know what you think, I obviously need ice cream and some advice.

As always thanks for reading πŸ™‚ AND if you enjoyed this blog and would like to keep up with me and my crazy life like my page on Facebook!




12 thoughts on “Accidental Stitch Fix #17, Fall Transition

  1. I vote the plaid top, jeans, and the green top. Yeah, the jeans are a little pricey but it’s near impossibe to find the perfect jeans! I know you said you aren’t sure about the green top, but the length and fit are very flattering, plus you could do a ton of layering with it.
    Ps,I haven’t talked to you since high school, but I’m a sucker for stitch fix and saw your post on Facebook and had to respond!

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    • Thanks so much Laura!! I’m such a sucker too, especially for jeans. My boyfriend is like “how much time do you spend shopping for jeans only to come home with nothing” so I definitely think you’re right. I hope youre doing well, thank you for reading :):)


      • I have to agree about the jeans. I got a $100 pair of jeans that fit me like a glove several months ago, and they are still my go to jeans. I don’t regret splurging, though I felt like I was making a crazy move at the time. I say go for it, even if you send everything else back.

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