DIY Crate Bookshelf

Being a teacher/artist/crafty-ish person has meant that I spend a lot of time at Hobby Lobby and Michael’s. For the past couple of weeks every time I stopped at Michael’s I would pick up one of their unfinished crates on sale or with a coupon until I had filled our spare room with crates.

The cats freaking loved all the crates, but our spare room is tiny and I don’t know if Mason was a huge fan of stepping over all my crates and paints (and my clothing) to get to his desk.

I really wanted to make a bookshelf with the crates so I decided I would stain them and then ask very nicely if Mason could figure out how to put them together.

This is basically our life, I have all these ideas and I’ll do the painting or finishing work and then say “ohhhhh hey.. so can you figure out how to drill this into the wall.” Lucky me!!

I used English Chestnut Minwax stain for these babies! I did run out of stain on the last two crates so I just mixed some grey stain with the left over or the english chestnut and we’ll call those “purposefully rustic.”

Paint the stain on and then quickly wipe it up, since the wood is unfinished the stain will take very quickly and you won’t need to let the stain sit on the wood for a long time.

I think I got high off of this stain because it took me about two hours to do all five, and afterwards I had to lay down in the fetal position for a while.

TMI? Never.. Anyways make sure you do these outside and get a mask if you want extra protection.


Here is the pretty dark stain on one of my crates! Yay!

After the crates are stained and dry, Mason attached the crates with screws from the bottom up. He basically just went though the whole shelf and smartly decided where each crate needed to be attached.

Hope that was technical enough for you.


Look at him drillin’ away, even Petrie tried to help!

(He actually got in the way a lot and we had to lock him in the bathroom)

Do you see my “rustic” one? Lookin’ good.


When you’re done arrange your books to your liking!

Like always; take a moment to admire your hard work (and your kind partner’s work, even if he didn’t get high in the process).

I love it so much!

The cats marginally like it, but I’ll take that as win for the whole family!

Let me know what you think, and thanks for reading!

– Sierra 




8 thoughts on “DIY Crate Bookshelf

  1. Oh my goodness I love this! I want to make crate stuff so badly but have bo idea where to get them cheap in Aus.
    Ill just live vicariously throigh your DIY for now 😉 The bookshelf looks so great

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks so much!! So if you watch the sales at Michaels or hobby lobby, they go on sale every couple of weeks!! I would get them for about 6 bucks each with a 50 or 70 percent off coupon!! If you sign up for their emails they send stuff all the time! You can totally do it 🙂


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