DIY Chalk Paint Floating Shelves

Do you ever go to Michaels or Hobby Lobby and just buy something because it’s on sale for 3 dollars, even though you have no idea what you’re going to do with it?

Well that is basically my life story. I really should unsubscribe to their mailing lists because I get an email that says “70% off wood supplies, spray paint, and metal decals.” And I think, “oh yeah.. I forgot I needed all of those things.”

Any-who I found these three unfinished floating shelves and threw them in the basket! I have some small knick knacks on top of the mantel that my cat Petrie loves to knock off in the middle of the night, so I figured they could go in here! They’re usually about 20 dollars but I got them for 3 so I feel pretty good about the purchase!!


I debated on whether or not to spray paint or to use chalk paint and ended up with chalk paint because it was cheaper, obviously. (Although spray paint would have been easier, but would it have been this cute.. who knows?)

What you need

  1. Floating shelves (or any unfinished piece of wood)
  2. Gloves
  3. Chalk Paint (any color)
  4. Wax (I used the color Antique Wax)
  5. Foam Brush or Chalk Paint Brush
  6. Polyurethane
  7. Cheese Cloth or Old Rag
  8. Cat or dog to judge your work


The picture is a bit blurry but I used Craft Smart chalky acrylic paint and Craft Smart “Antique Wax on top (all purchase at Michaels)

This project is really really easy!

1. Paint unfinished wood with chalk paint

I did a teal, white, and a green for the small box!

2. Once paint is dry, paint on wax and wipe off with cheese cloth or old rag (USE GLOVES.. I made this mistake once)


TIP: You control how much coverage, or how worn your piece will be. So if you only want it to look worn on the edges or in the middle, only apply wax there! The possibilities are endless!

3. Use sand paper to destress the edges, if you want a worn look (this is an optional step)


I decided just to do the edges and a little bit on the inside and I love how they turned out!


4. Seal with polyurethane and let dry for at least 24 hoursIMG_20160731_174806.jpg

When you’re using polyurethane you have a choice of matte or glossy, I decided to use matte since I didn’t want these to be shiny but that choice is totally up to you!

Once they’re done hang them together, or not! Put little knick knacks, plants, pictures, your cat, or anything that fits and enjoy having them off of the mantel and away from your jerk cat.


EASY PEASY! I hope you enjoy!

P.S. see that succulent plant up there? The first night I had it, I left it on the table and Petrie tore out all of the little plants and I had to search to put them back into my cute little pot.




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