Stitch Fix #16 Back to Teaching Review

Well August is here and whether I’m ready or not it’s time to start getting ready for the school year! I teach elementary music which means I need cute comfy clothes that cover the 3 B’s! (boobs, butt, and back).

Working with little kids I’ve learned that they sure don’t have any filter when it comes to what I’m wearing or especially what my hair looks like. Before I show you my great fix let me just share some of my more interesting compliments/comments from my students.

“Ms. Hayden didn’t need to do anything for crazy hair day, because her hair is WAY crazy already”

“Ms. Hayden.. did you have a hard time doing your hair today?.. I can tell”

“Ms. Hayden, are you married?”

No I’m not… to which they replied

“I’m so sad you only have cats as friends at your house”

ANYWHOOO I really liked my fix this month! I emailed Stitch Fix and asked them how I could give better feedback because I had three boxes in a row where I didn’t find anything I wanted to keep! They were so helpful and gave me a new stylist Jordan who did a great job! I’m still deciding on what to keep, I do LOVE the dress though and I think it will be great for choir concerts or days when I don’t teach much kindergarten and I’m not rolling around on the ground a lot 🙂

Margaret M Emer Straight Leg Pants – Still Deciding! 



These pants are so freaking comfortable!!! My only concern is that they are a lot brighter than pictured here and I’m wondering how often I’ll actually wear them. I also feel like they might stretch out a little bit? Has anyone had these before and they stretched out a lot as you wore them? They’re already a bit loose in the waist so I would hate to be pulling them up all day. “Ms. Hayden, I don’t think your pants fit right…” 


FUN2FUN Molina Split Neck Top… RETURNED


This has some interesting details but its way too big around the waist!! It’s already and xs small so I don’t think this will be a keeper, it is really soft though!! YAY SOFT


HAILEY 23 Joel Popover Knit Dress… KEEP



I LOVE THIS DRESS!!! It will be perfect for fall, its super conservative in the front and just the right amount of sexy in the back (at least I think). Maybe the word I should use is feminine.




These are a perfect deep red wine color I would say. They are cropped and super soft! The only problem is that they fit great around my waist (maybe a little loose) but are VERY big around my knees and legs. I’m nervous about asking for a smaller size in case the waist is too small, so back these go.




GUYS!! This top is one of the softest shirts I have ever felt, I wish you could reach through the screen and feel the fabric. I love the softness. My only reservation right now is that I have SO many stripped shirts. I don’t know why I gravitate towards the stripes but I just can’t seem to get away from the striped life. To keep or not to keep? Hmm Still deciding on this one.


Well thats it! Let me know what you think! And if you’re interested in trying Stitch Fix  head over to their website and fill out a style profile! They will send you 5 items a month for 20 dollars and if you decide to keep anything that 20 dollars goes towards whatever you buy!


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