8 Thoughts you’ve had on Road Trips

Road trips can be fun and hell all at the same time, lucky for you I just got back from a road trip and here are 8 thoughts you know you’ve had.

1. When you’re trying to pack light but you might need this cookbook, some throw pillows, and your spare didgeridoo.


JUST IN CASE. You never know when you might need to put on a lil’ concert

2. When you were thinking today might be the day you pick up a hitchhiker.


Hmm maybe tomorrow?

3. When you pull up next to the person who has been tailgating you for 47 miles.

4. Trying to pack when your cats want to come along.


“If you leave us be prepared to come back to 12 piles of vomit.”

5. When you finally see the 70 speed limit sign



6. When you have to leave for your trip at 4 in the morning and you live in Colorado


OH GREAT, just let me scrape off the inside of my car for 30 minutes. SO FUN

7. When you wake up from a nap and the sun is invading your personal life and space.


Don’t even get me started on the sweaty road trip nap

8. When you get a pretty decent workout using gas station bathrooms all day.


“Oh great I can probably have at least 5 cookies since I’ve spent a good solid 10 minutes squatting today”

My personal favorite is greeting my kitties when I come home! First they’re mad but I’m quickly forgiven and then its obviously time for kitty snuggles



5 thoughts on “8 Thoughts you’ve had on Road Trips

  1. Too funny! And your cats are gorgeous.

    Lately I’ve been trying to pack lighter for road trips because my husband is always teasing me about what I bring, and then I don’t have something because I was trying to pack light (like I didn’t have a skirt and tank instead of a tee and capris for my last half that was unpredictable hot) & it comes back to bite me.

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