Stitch Fix Birthday Review!

My birthday is tomorrow and I’m almost 30!! Well actually I’m just going to be 28 but I figure that is basically 30 right?

I’ve been doing fixes for over a year not but I just decided to start posting them on my blog! I love seeing what other women get so I hope you can find some inspiration!

This time I asked for bright colorful tops and colored jeans or shorts! I don’t really love everything this round and I had some weird fit things but I thought I would share this with everyone in case I have something you love and need to pin!

If you’re new to stitch fix you can sign up here  (and I’ll get a referral THANK YOU) and they will send you 5 personalized items for you to try on! It’s 20 dollars for the styling fee and you can use that money towards whatever you decide to keep.

Here is what I got!!

Mystree Sid Maxi Dress


I think this dress has a beautiful pattern and an interesting top but it also sort of makes me look like I’m pregnant (which I don’t think I am). I think the band at the waist is too much for me. RETURN


Kut From The Kloth Corynne Colored Boyfriend Denim Short

These are a wonderful color and a great length but they are too small and I like my shorts to be just a tiny bit shorter 😉 RETURN


Steve Madden Sharin Beaded Sandal

Aren’t these so pretty? I thought so too! But let me warn you, when you’re walking on carpet they are very slippery!! I mean I only fell down twice but I really need my shoes to help me stay standing and not on the ground. RETURN


Collective Concepts Coto Fringe Detail Top


SO colorful right? I really like this top but I’m a teacher and August is fast approaching and this top isn’t quite school appropriate. RETURN


Papermoon Holburn Keyhole Top


This one might be the only thing I’m keeping, it’s a nice color and it has an interesting semi sheer back! Maybs?


This wasn’t my favorite box but I’m not giving up yet! I’ve noticed that Stitch Fix has a great inventory for fall so I can’t wait to see what transition pieces I get in my next box!

Let me know what you think!


2 thoughts on “Stitch Fix Birthday Review!

  1. You have a lovely aesthetic! The colors are so vibrant. I’m usually more doom and gloom with my gothic trappings, but I do appreciate more vivid hues. I like the Maxi dress and the Steve Madden sandals. The pregnancy look does not come through in pictures I’ll tell you, but it’s all about you feel about it 🙂

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