Mason Jar Herbs! DIY

I love the idea of having a garden and even though I live in an apartment, I have definitely tried and failed many times. Squirrels have eaten all of my flowers/plants, one time it froze and killed all my plant babies. I also literally forgot to water them for a week and they all died. (Who knew) Below you can see our squirrel cage (and an assortment of dead plants) to keep those assholes out, btw it only works if you actually make sure they can’t get in anywhere at the bottom. They’re persistent.


Anytime I’m cooking and need herbs I usually have a bit of envy for Ina Garten and her ability to go to her herb garden and just clip a bit of fresh mint for her mojito.


So I decided to put some herbs in those cute painted Mason Jars! And I did it for really cheap too, about 20 dollars total!

You can find painted Mason jars at almost any thrift or antique store for about 15-20 dollars, but you should really just make them yourself because they’re about $2.50 at Hobby Lobby and they frequently go on sale and are half off!

Materials Needed

  1. Mason Jars
  2. Chalkboard paint
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Acrylic paint (any kind works)
  5. Herbs of your choice
  6. Optional – shelf for mason jars (I got mine at Hobby Lobby on sale for 10 bucks)
  7. Optional – chalk boards on sticks
  8. Optional – sandpaper

Here is the acrylic and chalkboard paint that I used, I found a great glass chalkboard paint that dried super fast. My cat didn’t have anytime to try to eat any of the paint.

You don’t necessarily have to prime the glasses with chalkboard paint but if you want that chalky/matte look then this is the way to go!

First step is to paint your mason jars with the chalkboard paint, I only did one coat. Let them dry for about an hour before painting your acrylic paint layer.

Do you like my painting towel? The cats sure do like to mess with it.IMG_20160714_141458.jpg

Once the chalkboard paint is dry you can add your acrylic paint on top! Any color will work well, the lighter the paint the more coats you’ll have to do. I did two coats on the grey and three on the white and yellow.


Let the paint dry between each coat and make sure its nice and dry before you put the herbs in or mess with the jars!

I decided to sand the words and the top of the jar a bit to give it a more worn look. If you decided to do this just lightly sand over the top of the jar until you have the look you like.


Once your jars are ready to go you have two options for draining the water for the herbs. You can either drill holes in the bottom of the mason jar or add marbles, rocks, or broken pottery pieces to the bottom of the jar.

This helps the herbs not get over watered and helps the soil to stay fresh and not moldy. I’m lazy so I choose just put a handful of marbles at the bottom of each of the jars. I also got these cute little chalkboard signs at Hobby Lobby to label the herbs.

Add your dirt and herbs, decide where they will go and start cooking away! Or just look and smell them, like Petrie likes to do.


I’m still trying to decide what to do with those hooks at the bottom of my shelf. Petrie thinks they are his toys, so we’ll see how long they last.

You could use painted Mason Jars for so many cute projects like center pieces for a baby shower or wedding, for flour/sugar in your kitchen, or just to keep freshly cut flowers. The possibilities are endless, let me know what you use yours for!


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