Thoughts you’ve had while running

I’ve been running for several months now, I started with couch to 5K and then moved on to couch to 10K and I’ve added some HIIT interval running workouts (which are great for beginners btw)!

Although I really enjoy running it can still be quite a struggle for me sometimes and honestly I’m not very good yet. Below are some thoughts I’ve had running (I bet you have had some of these too)!


1. Are these shorts supposed to be this short?

“Okay Nike..did you do this on purpose?”

2. I wonder what my legs look like when I run?


“I probably just don’t need to look down ever again..”

3. Oh there is a group of people; look cool like you know what you’re doing. “This is so easy..”


“Ugh never mind, you’re safer making friends with the neighborhood cats.”

4.  Would it be so bad if I just stopped and walked home?


Image Source: Comedy Central

“Doing nothing is my favorite!”

5. Why did I eat so much food before running? I’m gonna throw up.. Where can I throw up if I need to? If I throw up do I need to finish this run?


“Mental note to Google ‘what to eat before workouts'”


6. A great song comes on so you feel like you can run even faster.


Image Source: 20th Century Fox

“Haha Just kidding that never happens to me”

7. This is hell, this must be what dying feels like.



8. I have so much saliva, just gonna spit a little bit.. No big deal, be cool.



9. What should I eat later?

“OH God I can’t wait, I LOVE YOU GOLDFISH!!!”

10. If I ever had to run for my life, I would definitely die.


“Great you’re definitely going to be eaten by zombies.”

What thoughts do you have while running or working out? I’d love to hear I’m not alone in my crazy thoughts 🙂

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7 thoughts on “Thoughts you’ve had while running

  1. Hahahaha omg I’m laughing so hard! This summer I have started running again and every time I have all of these thoughts, especially #7!! I can’t stop laughing at the spitting one bc I have totally done the same thing!!
    Love your blog!!

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  2. Lol I spit this morning on my run and totally missed and it got all over my face. #fail also a mention of the OMG I have to go to the bathroom should fed be in the top 10. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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