IKEA Hack, Nesna Nightstand

So Mason and I have been going through our apartment getting rid of clutter and organizing. My goal is to not have so much stuff, Mason has a hard time getting rid of things he think he might use some day. For example, he has a bag of about 12 internet routers (JUST IN CASE WE NEED MORE INTERNET), he also has a whole drawer of old memory cards that can’t be used, 5 broken calculators, 3 rubix cubes, random cords, knives, and who knows what else. And that is just what we found cleaning out his nightstand..

Anyways I had a great idea to go to IKEA on the 4th of July to get a few things for the apartment. We actually didn’t fight but there was a moment when I was spending about 20 minutes deciding if we needed a black or a chrome finish shelf for the kitchen when he said “I can see why people fight at Bed Bath and Beyond when they are making their wedding registry.”


We needed two new matching nightstands and we found these really cheap NESNA  night stands for 14.99 each! I love deals so we went ahead and picked two of these up! When we got home we realized that our bed was way too high for these and we would basically have to reach down to get anything on the night stand, they also just looked stupid next to our huge king size bed. So we built our own floating night stands (another post soon) and I was going to sell the Ikea ones until I realized that I could use them to control our “Pile of Shoes next to the door!” WOO!


So this is what the night stand looks like put together.

A bit boring right? I ended up redoing my little nightstands and now they’re fancy AF.


Do you love it? ME TOO!! It’s definitely not perfect but it was a fun project and now we have a cute little place for our shoes next to our door! I decided to do Black and Copper but you could do any color combination you’d like! I think a dark stain and white glass, or a marbled glass and gold painted wood would look amazing as well!

Here is how I did it!


  • Cheap lil’ nightstand
  • Spray paint (I used Krylon black flat spray paint + primer)
  • Contact paper (adhesive vinyl or foil)

First thing I did was put the nightstand together without the glass insert, Petrie even got in on the action and helped Mom.


Then I spray painted the whole thing black! Burst_Cover_GIF_Action_320618393747618

I really liked the Krylon Spray paint that I used because it dried so fast (like 10 minutes). That meant I didn’t even have time to finish a whole bag of chips while it was drying. Krylon is great like that, they try and help you lose weight and stuff.

Lookin’ good black nightstand!


If you choose not to eat while your nightstand is drying you can work on the glass.

Cover the glass with the contact paper, I recommend leaving a little extra on each side so that you aren’t trying to line up the lines exactly. Its kind of hard to tell from my picture but I was using a credit card to smooth out the bubbles. I had a few bubbles left in mine but life isn’t perfect, so if yours isn’t dead smooth just go grab a beer and it will look so much better.

When both the glass and the nightstand are done you can assemble and really appreciate your 15 dollar table/night stand. You could even have an Ikea nightstand party, invite all your friends and their cats over, grab one bowl of salsa (because the table isn’t very big) and have a ball.

Here is the finished project!


I put both of mine right next to each other and this is our entry shoe station now! The cats and I were so proud!


Let me know what you think in the comments and I’d love to see your own cheap DIY projects!


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