DIY Travel Pin Map

One of me and Mason’s dreams is to be able to travel together and experience the world throughout our life. I’ve lived out of the country and been to several places in Europe but Mason had not been out of the country until this summer. I found this great deal on Groupon for a 5 night all-inclusive stay at a resort in Costa Rica and we said “let’s go!”

So off we went to Costa Rica and it was such an amazing trip where neither of us spoke the language and only about 40% of the locals hated us! I’m a french speaker and Mason is an “DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH?” speaker. While we were there only 2 people thought we were siblings! One asked “ARE YOU BROTHERS?” To which I replied, “Oh.. no sir, I’m a woman and that’s my boyfriend.” I can’t begin to wonder why people would think we’re related though..??

ANYWAYS, while we were there I decided that I really wanted one of those world maps where you can put pins in all the places you’ve been. I went to find one online that I could buy but they were all about 100-150 dollars and I just can’t justify paying that much for a map. So like a good DIYer I googled it and found Nikki’s Blog; Seeded at the Table, and she had a beautiful Map that her and her husband put together. I made a few changes based on what I could find but I couldn’t have done it without her blog!


Doesn’t that look awesome above our couch? Petrie sure does enjoy looking at it!

Here is a close up with the pins and the frames!


And here is Petrie learning about fire. Lesson – “I don’t like fire.” I am a good cat mom.

Here is how I did the map, I included the exact map poster I used. But if you want to get creative here are a few more options for your map.

Classic Color Map

If you want to guesstimate Map

If you feel the need to show people where you’ve been according to the 17th century map

Materials used

  • World Map Poster From Amazon
  • Foam Insulation Board from Home Depot (I went ahead and added a link so that you can see which isle the board is in. I like to look things up before I go to home depot so when they ask if I need help I’m like “NO I KNOW EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS STORE”)
  • 24- x 36-inch Frame (Get one without glass when its on sale, Hobby Lobby)
  • Spray Adhesive (any kind will work)
  • Masking Tape
  • Pins
  • Optional – Mod Podge and Hanging wire/screws


  • Glue poster to foam board, using spray adhesive liberally spray both board and poster. Using a card smooth the poster out and get rid of all the bubbles.
  • Optional step – use Matte Mod Podge to take out the glossy look.
  • Cut foam board to fit the frame. This step was very hard for me so I ended up using an xacto knife. Scissors will work fine if you want to get extremely pissed off at the board.
  • Tape board to back of freshly cut map/board to the frame with masking tape. Feel free to have it look as shitty as possible as long as its strong! No one will see it 🙂
  • Use hanging wire and screws (shown below) to hang map
  • Add pins and feel proud of your accomplishments.

Here are the screws we used and the wire to hang our map!

I hope you have fun making your own, let me know how they turn out!





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